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Meet The Sushi-Burrito Mash-Up You Need To Eat Immediately

When a mommy sushi and a daddy burrito love each other very much...

Here's a thing that exists.

It's a sushi-burrito hybrid.

They call it Sushirrito.

It takes all the awesomeness of sushi and makes it handheld.

And it takes all the awesomeness of burritos AND MAKES IT SUSHI.

There are lots of classic sushi options, like the yellowtail-stuffed Satori.

If you love yellowfin tuna, order the Geisha's Kiss.

Or the Sumo Crunch for all the shrimp tempura fans out there.

They've even got a veggie option.

And lots of carnivore options, too.

Currently, Sushirrito is located only in San Francisco and Palo Alto.

But as of this week, New Yorkers can try a sushi burrito at Uma Temakeria.

God bless you, Sushirrito.

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    Absolutely not. Protect burrito sanctity.

Thumbnail image courtesy of jen/CC BY 2.0 // dailylifeofmojo/CC BY 2.0