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"She Doesn't Have The Range" Is The Most Delightfully Shady Thing On The Internet

Buckle up, pals, we're diving into this.

Where were you on June 20, 2016, at 10:46 p.m.?

It all got started when Twitter user @KingBeyonceStan posted a tweetstorm detailing who does, and who does not, "have the range."

Spoiler alert: Most of your faves do not have the range.

And yes — Adele, too.

The phrase "she doesn't have the range" originally comes from Rock Profile, an early 2000s sketch comedy show.

Moving fwd. "She doesn't have the range" will be my response to everything.

The sketch, which parodied Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones, basically involves an interviewer asking Bassey her thoughts on a bunch of pop singers. She low-key disses them all, and says that none of them — including herself — "have the range." (It's very British.)

So, who does have the range? There were but a few who made the cut.

And Bey, obviously.

The tweetstorm was quickly declared iconic AF.

Though naturally, it had its haters.

Everyone chimed the hell in.

And it got ~topical~ reeeal fast.

Like a true meme icon, it has spread far and wide. Now, anyone — or anything — can (not) have the range.

It's simple. It's relatable.

It's the universal drag we never knew we needed.

To all those who have the range, we salute you. And to those who don't?