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People Are Going Nuts Over This Ridiculously Hot Veterinarian

This is honestly just so important.

Meet California-based vet Dr. Evan Antin.

He's also so hot I want to fucking die.

This is him snuggling a serval.

And here he is looking all hot and serious with a really big, exotic iguana.

But he cares for the non-exotic guys, too.

So cute.

He's also a former model and personal trainer. Because duh.

Oh yeah, and he's a cat person.

Kill me now.

But crocodiles are his all-time faves.

When he's not in the office, he travels the world volunteering with animals.

"My appreciation for animals has only grown in the course of my studies and my career," he said.

"I think working with animals is something every human can benefit tremendously from."

All of our thirst levels:

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