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    Posted on Oct 13, 2015

    Fall In College Vs. Fall In The Real World

    Trick or treat! Life is fleeting.

    When you're in college, Halloween is a three-week-long event.

    Disney / Via

    And you have a different costume for every party.

    College: the place where you need 100 different Halloween costumes

    Post-grad, you forget about Halloween until a day before and toss together something barely resembling a costume.

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    ...And end up staying in anyway.

    In college, you have an entire week off for Thanksgiving and think nothing of it.

    Why is thanksgiving break only one week 😞

    I hate how thanksgiving break is only one week now

    And you laze about like the back home baller you are.

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    In the real world, you get one measly day off.

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    And you start wondering if it's time you offer to host Thanksgiving dinner.

    Comedy Central / Via

    Am I that old already???

    In college, game days were everything.

    After college, game day can be a bit depressing.

    Weird post grad feelings: waking up on the first game day and realizing you're going to work instead of getting ready to tailgate

    In college, you'd roll up to class in your biggest comfiest sweatshirts when it got chilly.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Post-grad, business casual is a thing.


    In college, everything looks like this:

    In the real world, it's a bit more like this:

    Bill Abbott / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Via Flickr: wbaiv

    Well, at least you get a paycheck now, right?

    Too bad you're spending it on the exact same thing you did in college.

    Julia Reinstein for BuzzFeed


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