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21 Ridiculously Cool Gifts College Students Never Knew They Needed

Thank me later.

1. This portable pizza pouch that ensures you're prepared for any and all pizza-related emergencies.

2. A bed tent for when you need to hide from the world (or your roommate) for a bit.

Available here in more colors, too.

3. This flask bracelet.

4. A pillow to make the toughest long-distance relationship a bit easier.

5. This sticker.

6. Teeny red cup shot glasses.

7. A microwave pasta cooker.

8. Pencils that get your stress levels.

Perfect for finals. Buy them here and here.

9. This mug that's also a French press.

10. A pocket-size bottle of Sriracha to spice up bland dining hall food.

11. These fruit-based tablets that make sour, bitter, and acidic foods taste sweet.

12. A clock that runs backward (for the inevitable all-nighter).

13. A cookbook to cure rough mornings.

Get it here.

14. A game of drunken Jenga.

15. A cute pair of heated slippers to brave cold dorms with.

16. A stress ball for when you're ready to curl up in the fetal position.

It me, it you, it us. Available here.

17. This set of pizza necklaces to split with your crew.

18. A hamper that's cool enough to leave out of your closet.

19. A gorgeous tapestry that transports you to the great outdoors.

20. A purse that charges your phone.

I've never needed anything more in my entire life. Available here in four styles.

21. Or, the very best gift of them all:

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