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Introverts, What's Your Best Piece Of Dating Advice?

How does flirting work???

Dating, by nature, can be incredibly awkward. Add being an introvert to the mix and...well...things can get weird fast.

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But, in spite of your introversion, you don't want to die alone.

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And you're a catch, goddamnit!

So, how do you find love in a world made for extroverts?

How bout I go back to my place? #introvertpickuplines

It's time to share your expertise.

How do you flirt when small talk is your personal hell?

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Where are your go-to spots for an awesome first date?

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And how do you deal when your significant other is an extrovert?

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Share your best piece of dating advice for introverts in the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!