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32 Birth Control Cozies That Are So Cute It's Inconceivable

More than 99% effective...at being adorable AF.

1. This toaster pastry to show off your pills with.

2. This bad-ass spiked case.

3. This terrifying reminder.

4. This stylish cover.

5. This teal cozy.

6. This cover that's draped in chains.

7. This camera case.

8. This skull case.

9. And this emoji one.

10. This Star Wars case.

11. And this Sailor Moon one.

12. This adorable whale case.

13. This cat case.

14. This hedgehog one.

15. This panda case.

16. This glam cover.

17. This dainty cover.

18. This one that's covered in hearts.

19. And this geometric one.

20. This typewriter one.

21. This one with the happiest shrimps you ever did see.

22. And this one covered in arrows.

23. This ikat case.

24. This peacocky one.

25. This one that smells like lemons.

26. This Hello Kitty sleeve.

27. This houndstooth holder.

28. This striped one.

29. This leopard one.

30. And this cartoony one.

31. This chain print one.

32. And this crafty little thing.