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This Airbnb Inside A Shark Tank Is The Ultimate Adventure To Add To Your Bucket List

And it's ~Jaws~-droppingly cool.

Here's something to add to your travel bucket list: You can now stay in an underwater bedroom surrounded by sharks.


It's 35 sharks, to be exact, which surround the transparent walls of this unique Airbnb room in an aquarium in Paris.

And yeah, it looks pretty much as awesome as you'd expect it to be.


"Your home for the night is unlike any other ever built: a peaceful enclosure with a large cylindrical bed and breathtaking, immersive views of your new sharp-toothed friends," the Airbnb page reads.

The evening will be hosted by Fred Buyle, a Belgian freediver and shark enthusiast.

And a one-night stay for two can be yours for the whopping price of FREE.


That's right. But you have to win first.

You can enter to win by submitting a 50–550-word essay about "why you belong with the sharks for a night" by 11:59 p.m. CET on April 3. Winners will stay there April 11, 12, or 13.

There are some rules that come with staying there — namely, some restrictions on shark selfies.


"No selfies after dark," the rules say, since sharks are sensitive to light. Sleepwalking, night swimming, and diving are also forbidden, and watching Jaws beforehand is strongly discouraged.

Breakfast and linens will be provided. Enter the contest here.

So, who wants to go for a swim?


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