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23 Signs You're A Little Obsessed With Online Shopping

You had me at "free shipping."

1. It's cute when a store thinks you'd ever pay for shipping.

2. This is basically the ice cream truck to you:

3. And the delivery guy knows you by name.

4. You're running out of room in your closet.

5. Not like you'd let that stop you.

6. You kind of wish you didn't have your credit card number memorized.

7. Because you've made more regrettable drunken purchases than you're proud of.

8. And you've forgotten about orders until they arrived on your doorstop.

9. You dread checking your bank account.

10. You could win the lottery, and you'd still do this every time.

11. "Add to cart" is kind of a hobby.

12. You've got all the best sales marked down in your calendar.

13. Because when you score a great deal, it's basically like you made money.

14. This makes your heart race.

15. And this is true heartbreak.

16. Waiting three to five days feels like a lifetime.

17. And nothing makes you happier than these words:

Sext: "Thank you, your order has been shipped"

18. Half the time, your haul looks nothing like it did in the pictures.

19. But when it's's magic.

20. You always procrastinate on making returns.

21. And by then you've lost the receipt. Oh well, store credit it is!

22. Which is fine by you--that website actually had some really cute stuff.


(Not like you'd ever want it to end.)