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A Tiny Stray Kitten Crashed A Live Newscast And It Was So Freaking Cute

And soon, she'll be up for adoption.

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Meet Lucky Seven, a 6-week-old kitten who recently stole the show and all of our hearts during a live newscast in Detroit.

WXYZ / Via

Nima Shaffe, a reporter and anchor at WXYZ-TV Channel 7, told BuzzFeed the kitten was just hanging around the parking lot of the county sheriff's office where they were filming.

"As we were wrapping up ... Lucky Seven, as she’s been named, got vocal and started to steal the spotlight," he said.

Nima Shaffe / WXYZ / Via Facebook: nimawxyz

"She was scurrying about underneath cars and meowing really loud," he said.

Carla Wilson, a corporal from the sheriff's department, came by to bring the kitten to safety.

Nima Shaffe / WXYZ / Via Facebook: nimawxyz

And soon, she will be put up for adoption!

"First she has to go to foster care to gain some weight before they can microchip her and give her some more TLC," Shaffe said. "So it could be anywhere from a month or two before she’s available for adoption."

And people are already offering up their homes to her. Among them is Shaffe himself, who said he's "totally considering" adopting her.

Nima Shaffe / WXYZ / Via Facebook: nimawxyz

"I just want Lucky Seven to be in a house where she’ll be social, because she’s extremely social," Shaffe said.

"She likes to talk," he said. "She likes to tell people her life story."

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