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    This Dad Made A Ridiculously Funny Mistake At A Birthday Party

    Groovy, man.

    Meet Sammie and James "Jimbo" McComb, a daughter and dad living in Thousand Oaks, California.

    Sammie McComb

    Sammie, 17, told BuzzFeed her dad is "so, so funny."

    He's also really into the '60s. So, when he got invited to a friend's '60s-themed birthday party recently, "he got really excited and bought a whole costume," Sammie said.

    But, it turned out he made a big mistake: It was a 60th birthday party — not a '60s-themed party.

    Sammie McComb

    Sammie said her dad was "so confused" when he arrived, and "everyone was shocked."

    "I guess he just misread the invitation because it said ‘the big 60,’ or something like that," Sammie said.

    Sammie McComb

    We've all been there, right?

    Sammie shared the hilarious photo on Twitter, where thousands of people have been cracking up over it.

    It's just so, so good.

    Twitter: @haleyashtonnn

    Sammie said he could not stop laughing when he told her what happened.

    "He was in tears when he told me about it," she said.

    And this isn't the first shenanigan he's gotten into. One year, he gave Sammie a framed, autographed photo of himself for Christmas.

    Which is basically the daddest thing that has ever happened.

    Sammie said the whole costume mishap was "the funniest thing," but not as surprising as you might expect.

    "It was just so like my dad," she said. "He does this stuff all the time."

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