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9 Small But Effective Things You Can Do To Impact The Election This Year (Besides Vote)

Not old enough to vote? Don't have more than a few minutes to spare? There are still ways you can help.

With election day coming up in 🚨 less than a month (!!) 🚨 and early voting happening even sooner, you might be wondering what you can do to help boost voter turnout.

The good news is that even in a pandemic, you still have lots of options.

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Even better news: they all vary in time commitment and level of interaction with other people, so if you truly have a packed schedule or dread talking to strangers — OR if you're not old enough (or able) to vote — you can still help. Here's how!

1. Be 1000% sure you're actually registered to vote.

2. Make your representatives vow to count every single vote.

3. Sign up to phone bank in key states.

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Ok, so you may not be able to literally knock on doors during a pandemic, but you can call swing states you don't live in and make a real impact (here's a quick guide on the process). Start by Googling phone banking initiatives for your candidate of choice (Knock for Democracy is one of my personal favorites, for example). Then, join in to have direct, one-to-one conversations with undecided or apathetic voters.

4. Volunteer as a poll worker.

5. Help register other people to vote by (safely) approaching people on the street or hosting a virtual event.

6. Continue to look out for and fight voter suppression.

7. Invest your time in helping make elections fairer year-round.

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Regardless of your party or top political priorities, one thing everyone can agree on is the fact that our system is in need of repair. RepresentUs is one of the main groups trying to put a stop to the gerrymandering and lobbyism that negatively affect our democracy. You can volunteer to work on their Anti-Corruption Act campaigns and make a difference on a local (and eventually, national) level.

8. Donate to the candidate themselves.

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Probs obvious, but you can always go to your candidate of choice's website and donate there!

9. Urge everyone you know to double-check their voter registration and show up to vote.

Register to vote for the 2020 presidential election here! Your voice matters, now and always. 🗳️

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