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    23 Symptoms Of Study Abroad Withdrawal

    Spring semester folk: savor all of it.

    1. You chronically miss having a group of friends to see and do everything with you at all times.

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    Back home, you still see each other, but your schedules are a lot busier and you're not in Europe.

    2. You can't stop gushing about everything you loved -- to the point of being extremely annoying.

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    3. And you keep up all the habits/lingo you picked up, no matter how obnoxious they may be to your friends.

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    You're always "topping up" your Metrocard.

    4. People try to comfort you by telling you that your nostalgia is just a phase, which only makes you irrationally angry.

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    5. You still listen to all the pop hits from when you went out dancing.

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    Who could forget the perfection that is "Loca People"?

    6. The fact that you can't legally drink anymore keeps confusing and upsetting you.

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    Most of us study abroad between the ages of 19 and 20, so going back to the states is ROUGH.

    7. You obsessively look for restaurants that will remind you of the amazing new food you ingested last semester.

    You'd totally go on a pilgrimage to Park Slope for Chip Shop.

    8. Weekend road trips are much bigger priorities due to your newly awoken thirst for adventure.

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    Even if it's just to the beach. NEW UNCHARTED TERRITORIES, AHOY!

    9. Your room is covered with all the knick-knacks you collected.

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    Every postcard and trinket.

    10. And you have a newfound attachment to farmer's markets, always hoping to find something beautiful.

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    Even if it is just lentils.

    11. You complain about the exchange rate all the time and how everything was more affordable abroad.

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    Unless you were in London, in which case it's a teeny but better to be home.

    12. You miss the short-lived-yet-satisfying flings with foreign strangers.

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    Back home, it always gets messy but there? There was just something so je ne sais quoi about it all.

    13. Though, honestly, you're probably still in love with someone from abroad because that time was magical.

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    Ooh la la!

    14. You've Google Street View-ed your old dorm/campus.


    And if you haven't, you're probably doing it now.

    15. And you try to take long, contemplative walks even though it's just not the same.

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    It's just better when the whole city is brand new to you.

    16. Even airplanes hold sentimental value.

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    (Even if you're doing your usual LA-NY nightmare flight.)

    17. As do confusing maps.

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    Who cares where you're going if it's a.) new and b.) in Japan?

    18. And -- dare I say it -- even rain.

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    You just didn't mind awful weather. In fact, rain romanticized everything even more.

    19. You EVEN miss being a total outsider.

    You stood out, but you didn't mind because it helped you make new friends.

    20. Most of all, you value all the self-exploration you did while abroad.

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    Being in a foreign place makes you see a whole new side to yourself.

    21. And you're slowly accepting that the high of study abroad can't last forever.

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    Oh, but if only!

    22. So you comfort yourself by watching tons of Netflix.

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    Seriously, how did you survive without it?

    23. And have already started planning your next trip back.

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