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15 Surprising Facts About Birth Control

The more you know!

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6. It's a myth that the pill makes you gain weight.

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A 2006 study found that pill users did gain weight, but that there was no evidence to support that it was from birth control.

7. It is also a myth that taking the pill for a long time is bad for you or will make you infertile.

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Women have been using the FDA-approved pill since the 1960s and have been tested and surveyed, with no signs of health problems caused by the pill.

8. The male version of the birth control pill is "on the way."

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The process is more complicated since it has to block 1,500 sperm cells produced each second. But test results on male mice have been promising!

9. You can get protected from pregnancy up to five days after sex with Plan B or another brand.

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P.S.: Plan B gets less effective every day, so read up on the brand you use.

P.P.S.: It still won't protect you from STIs, so use a condom when with a stranger!

13. Los Angeles County’s film permits for pornography dropped 95% in 2013 because of Measure B, which states that all male actors must wear condoms.

14. Birth control pills have caused some water pollution.

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Ethinyl estradiol, found in the urine of women on birth control pills, has caused some side effects in fish, including intersex fish that have difficulty reproducing.

15. But the pill also has a lot of healthy side effects, like lowering the risks for ovarian and uterine cancer.

Other benefits include: regulating your menstrual cycle, reducing the risk for multiple sclerosis, lessening PMS symptoms, helping with female pattern baldness, and even treating bulimia.

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