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17 Sex Products You Won't Believe Actually Exist

What a time to be alive. NSFW!

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5. A matching pair of sex toys to be used on a private social media platform.

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The video pretty much explains it all, but KIIROO is designed to let people meet on the internet and use luxury sex toys to "physically touch another person online."

6. And sex toys that interact with each other via an internet connection.


Another pair of long-distance sex toys, only these interact and respond to each other. Other traits include a feature that records your noises during the experience for future use.

9. A smart vibrator controlled by your phone.


Vibease is a wearable vibrator that coordinates with select "audio fantasy" programs to provide a multisensory experience for women. Oh, and it raised 870% of its crowdfunding goal.

10. The world's first sonic vibrator.


Unlike battery-powered or plug-in-the-wall vibrators, Revel Body relies on "linear resonating motors," which the product creators say greatly reduces noise and adds variations to the power and range of vibrations.

13. A glove that lets you attach and control sex toys with more ease.


Self-proclaimed as the "the Inspector Gadget of sex toys," The Glov lets you attach various vibrators that you can control via several buttons on the glove itself.