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    Posted on Oct 10, 2015

    This Is The Best Way To Netflix And Chill

    Why pick Ben or Jerry when you could have both?

    So, by now, you've probably heard of the phenomenon "Netflix and Chill," aka that phrase dudes on Tinder text you as code for hooking up.

    When you just tryina Netflix and CHILL, and he gives you this look..

    It's gotten a tad out of control.

    ya kidding me😭 Netflix and chill condoms?!

    And if Netflix and Chill doesn't end in sex, it just results in an argument over Parks and Rec vs. How To Get Away With Murder.

    real netflix and chill is like 20 minutes of “what do you want to watch” “i do not care you choose” “no you choose”

    Which is why the "chill" should maybe be replaced with something else.

    Something better. Something much cooler.

    RT amberlinski: netflix and icecream, what could be better????

    Because you better believe ice cream can get saucy.

    Ice cream and Netflix? I think yes❤️❤️❤️❤️

    And it's not afraid to switch things up.

    Ending a long day with some ice cream and Netflix ✌

    It makes a rainy TV bingewatching day SO much better.

    Grey day, ice cream and @netflix and @HowToGetAwayABC

    And it's a pro at setting the mood.

    fire , netflix , & icecream 💜

    And it just makes everything cozier.

    Sleeping. Netflix. Ice Cream. #SoSingleItHurts

    It'll comfort you during the scariest of shows.

    Netflix & ice cream, just missing 1 thing ❤️😘

    And it will absolutely spoon afterwards.

    This is my life. I'm in my pajamas, eating ice cream, watching Netflix.

    Yup, this is the only way to Netflix.

    <3 Keep being the best kind of chill, ice cream.

    When life gets you down eat ice cream and watch netflix

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