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29 Reasons “Kim Possible” Was The Best Disney Channel Show Of The '00s

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1. To start off, Kim was voiced by Christy Carlson Romano and Ron was Will "Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World" Friedle. AKA the best cast ever.

2. Also, Kim and Ron's friendship destroyed the concept of the friend zone.

3. It was a show where the female characters totally defied gender norms.

4. But it was also totally OK to be girly (i.e. Kim being a cheerleader) and it showed that you could be traditionally feminine and strong at the same time.

5. It was a show that preached self-acceptance.

6. And to always show your true colors.

7. And, like any great Disney show, told you to feel beautiful.

8. All the normally sad or dull parts of high school were actually pretty awesome.

Like people cheering for Kim and Ron instead of making fun of them.

9. But, despite being extraordinary, Kim also asked the questions every normal teenager has.

10. Wade was the prime example that sitting in front of your computer all day is actually the most powerful position to be in.

11. The characters were all actually pretty diverse too.

BTW, Monique was voiced by Raven-Symoné!!

12. The writing was incredibly smart. ON POINT, DISNEY.

13. It taught the children of the '00s to be the snarkiest kids of their generation.

14. All the best characters were super sharp and sarcastic.

15. And they weren't afraid to get existential.

16. It was also self-aware and even referenced pop culture outside its own world.

17. Christina Milian of "Dip It Low" fame recorded the show's theme song, which has remained a classic to this day.

18. Which was the source of some serious ringtone inspiration.

19. It gave you an easy and ***flawless Halloween costume to wear every year.

20. And other, more vibrant options, just in case you want to go for the gold (or, in this case, green.)

21. The animation/fight sequences looked SO GOOD.

22. And Disney continued to instill unrealistic hair expectations into hopeful children everywhere.

23. And unrealistic pet expectations. Good try though, Rufus.

24. And then there was the Naco.

25. Kim was from the coolest family ever. Her parents were LITERALLY a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon.

26. The show's cast of characters helped awaken your sexual preferences.

27. No matter how strange or off-beat.

28. No matter what, Kim Possible just totally GOT you.

29. And it had catchphrases you'd be quoting for quite some time.