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    17 Tips If Working From Home Has Been Kinda Killing Your Back

    If you back has been low-key (or high-key) bothering you, you're not the only one.

    Working or distance learning from home indefinitely can mean back pain and body aches β€” since you're at a computer almost all day.

    "My back hurts all the time for no reason." How I sit every day:

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    That's why we looked to the internet β€” including the BuzzFeed Community β€” for tips on how to improve posture during these stay-at-home times. Here's what we learned:

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    1. Get a memory foam seat cushion to add support to your go-to chair.

    A black memory foam seat cushion on a chair

    "I purchased a memory foam seat cushion and it has done wonders. I no longer have back pain, unlike the start of quarantine where I was sitting for hours on a hard dining chair, and in a lot of discomfort!" β€”miscblogger92

    Get it from Amazon for $32.95+ (available in five colors).

    2. Take a few "action shots" during the day to figure out what might be making you slouch.

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    "I recommend asking your roommate or partner (or even just a camera set to a timer) to take a few shots of you at work. I find it's helpful to evaluate the photos after the fact for any postural habits you may not be aware of. It’s astounding how what β€œfeels” like good posture to us may not actually represent proper bodily alignment." β€”cperryrun

    3. Add a reminder in your phone to do quick, low-effort exercises β€” even ones that don't require you to leave your desk.

    4. Use a stability ball as an office chair.

    Man sitting on gray fabric yoga ball chair and working on a laptop
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    "I threw my back out last year at the ripe age of 26. I have a desk job and sit constantly and I had zero relief until I bought a yoga ball chair from Amazon. Best thing for my back and posture." β€”lizzerd

    Get it from Amazon for $64.99+ (available in two sizes and eight styles).

    5. Pencil in time for a few yoga stretches every day β€” or sign up for classes as often as you can.

    View this video on YouTube

    "Definitely schedule some yoga in everyday to help relieve the stress." β€”yeah_yeah_waaaa

    Watch more: Yoga Poses For Back And Neck Pain Relief

    6. Find at least one fuller-body stretch to help realign your posture.

    7. If you pretty much know you'll be WFH indefinitely, an ergonomic chair is probably worth the money.

    An ergonomic chair in a home office

    If your budget doesn't allow for a new one, search local neighborhood or Facebook groups to potentially get your hands on a used one. For reference, here are some of the best desk chairs on Amazon, including several ergonomic options.

    8. If you can't financially swing a standing desk, make one yourself by stacking books or similar items β€” or place an adjustable laptop stand onto an existing table.

    Adjustable laptop stand on a kitchen table

    "I kludged together a standing desk because I couldn't afford to buy one. I can really tell it makes a difference to my back. My feet hurt more though, so I have to make sure I'm wearing good shoes!" β€”gafpromise

    Get an adjustable laptop stand on Amazon for $29.99.

    9. Think about how the other areas of your body might be affecting your back.

    A person's legs standing on a stability board

    "I have a stability board that I rest my feet on and wiggle my legs while I’m in meetings. I also have a Theracane and a heating pad for any pesky knots that I get during the day so I don’t make anything worse after I leave my home office." β€”cperryrun

    Get a stability board from Amazon for $17.79+ (available in five colors or with resistance bands).

    10. Look into a spine massager, which may help you feel the impact of your stretches more.

    A spine massager

    Step one: Work all day. Step two: Spine massage all night.

    Get it from Amazon for $49.99.

    11. Or try a foam roller with ~curves~ to deepen the massage.

    A woman using a foam roller with grooves
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon for $39.97 (available in six colors).

    12. Switch up where β€” and how β€” you sit all day.


    It's easy to park it in one place all day long β€” but if your space allows, aim to have at least a few different supportive setups that can you can alternate between. Maybe that's a desk, a table, and standing at the kitchen island.

    13. If you're planning to WFH most of the time even after the pandemic is over (and have the room and money now), splurge on a treadmill desk.

    A woman walking on a treadmill desk

    Avid treadmill desk users say they last for years.

    Get it from Amazon for $359.99.

    14. Walk outside at least once a day β€” especially if you primarily use a standing desk.


    One study shows that even standing all day isn't great for you β€” and that even short walks make a huge difference.

    15. Use a mouse!

    A wireless mouse next to a laptop

    Using a mouse can help off-set the habit of hunching over a laptop, which can spark unnecessary neck pain.

    16. If your neck, shoulders, or back are really bothering you, see a licensed chiropractor.

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    Or a physical therapist, of course.

    17. And finally, whatever position you're in, take breaks often. Apps like Stand Up! can help remind you and give you some guidance.

    Screenshot of the StandUp! app

    "Standing or sitting, I do short sessions and take frequent breaks. I try to make sure to do some yoga and stretching every day. I have really bad back and neck problems but I'm not seeing a doctor or physical therapist right now, so I do what I can!" β€”gafpromise

    What's helped you most when it comes to posture and working from a computer all day? Share in the comments!

    *Note: Some answers have been lightly edited for length or clarity.

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