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    Low-Budget Beasts Is The Hilarious Disney Tumblr You Never Knew You Needed

    This new blog collects photos of the beast costumes from low-budget stage productions of Beauty and the Beast. And it's awesome.

    Recently, a Tumblr called Low-Budget Beasts was launched, which, as the title suggests, posts photos of Beast costumes from low-budget productions of Beauty and the Beast.

    "It all started years ago when my college roommate and I somehow stumbled upon a Google Image search of the Beast costumes," the site's creator Noelle Marion, who works in live theater, told BuzzFeed.

    "Flash-forward to about a week ago, I was thinking about Beauty and the Beast and I recalled that mecca of 'low-budget beasts' online. I did a quick search to be sure they were still in existence and the results exceeded my expectations."

    The site's curator also said that the blog is meant to be all in good fun.


    "Even the Beast from the original cartoon makes me laugh … There's just something unbearably funny about him bumbling around and even more so when you force a live actor to portray him."

    Check out the Tumblr for more amazing Beasts!

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