21 Important Lessons Lumpy Space Princess Taught Us About Feminism

One lump at a time.

1. It’s always a good thing to love your body.

Cartoon Network / Via wowbecausefuckyou.tumblr.com

2. Especially when the media perpetuates unhealthy standards of beauty.

Cartoon Network / Via feelingtheweirdness.tumblr.com

3. You should be able to wear whatever you want, whenever you want, and feel nothing short of fantastic.

Cartoon Network / Via lump-off-bitch.tumblr.com

4. And you know what? It’s okay to be vain and not apologize for it.

5. (But if you don’t care about your appearance, that’s totally cool too.)

Cartoon Network / Via purpurrpurrrin.tumblr.com

6. You are allowed to openly love food.

Cartoon Network / Via southsidebeehive.tumblr.com

7. And you never have to justify what you eat to anyone.

Cartoon Network / Via afrognamedbob.tumblr.com

8. You can be independent and live your life completely on your own terms.

Cartoon Network / Via asmidgenofawkward.tumblr.com

9. As long as you’re not knocking down other women along the way.

Cartoon Network / Via heybrittany13.tumblr.com

10. Consent is mandatory. Always.

11. And you should never feel pressured to date anyone you don’t want to.

Cartoon Network / Via coolestloserever.tumblr.com

12. You also should never feel scared to express yourself, no matter what.

Cartoon Network / Via heyimkiara.tumblr.com

13. And you’re not being a “bitch” just for standing up for yourself.

Cartoon Network / Via woah-rosy.tumblr.com

14. No one should judge you negatively for your sex life.

Cartoon Network / Via dontpoopmybrain.tumblr.com

15. Or your sexual orientation.

Cartoon Network / Via r10t3r.tumblr.com

16. Just as no one should make you feel bad for wanting kids or marriage (no matter how young.)

Cartoon Network / Via live-dance-poke.tumblr.com

17. It’s okay to be really angry sometimes.

Cartoon Network / Via yourdickmademeaddict.tumblr.com

18. As it is okay to cry.

Cartoon Network / Via thecaptainofyourdreams.tumblr.com

19. No one is a “perfect” feminist,, nor is there such thing as a “good” or “bad” feminist.

Cartoon Network / Via fmxkyle.tumblr.com

20. And so long as you believe in the equality of women, you are 100% a feminist.

Cartoon Network / Via slumpuponmylumps.tumblr.com


Cartoon Network / Via nikki2cents.tumblr.com

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