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    33 Facts You Never Knew About Sex Toys

    Very buzzzzzworthy.

    1. The oldest-reported dildo is 30,000 years old and was unearthed in a German cave.

    2. And Ancient Greeks had olisbokollikes ("dildo breadsticks") since 400 B.C.

    3. One of the first vibrators, The Tremoussoir, was invented in France in 1734.

    4. And the first electric vibrator is credited to be invented by Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville to relieve muscle aches.

    5. It weighed 40 pounds and required two people to operate (and that's not including the recipient.)

    6. Vibrators were initially used by doctors to cure hysteria in women, the symptoms for which included "anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability, nervousness, erotic fantasies, feelings of heaviness in the lower abdomen, and wetness between the leg."

    7. Before vibrators, doctors cured "hysteria" by putting vegetable oil on their hands and massaging women's genitals until climax.

    8. The first electric vibrator was officially patented by Hamilton Beach in 1902. It was the first domestic appliance that was electrified after the sewing machine, tea kettle, toaster, and fan.

    9. However, to be discreet, vibrators were advertised as "personal massagers."

    10. After the 1920s, when vibrators started making appearances in pornographic films, the devices were pulled from advertisements well into the 1970s.

    11. Sex toys are banned from shops in Alabama because, according to the assistant attorney general in 1999, "there is no fundamental right for a person to buy a device to produce orgasm."

    12. Sex toys are also outlawed in India.

    13. And it's illegal to own more than six dildos in Texas.

    14. 52.5% of women have used a vibrator before.

    15. And one in three American women owns a vibrator.

    16. Women who used vibrators scored higher on the Female Sexual Function Index scale.

    17. And studies show that women who use sex toys tend to be more consistent with getting pelvic exams and caring about their vaginal health.

    18. During a LiveScience study in 2011, about half the subjects agreed with positive statements about the sex toys, while just 10% agreed with negative statements.

    19. According to that same study, 37% of women believed men felt intimidated by women's vibrator use, but 70% of men actually were totally fine with sex toys.

    20. 83.8% of sex toy buyers use toys for clitoral orgasms, more than the 64% that use dildos or strap-ons.

    21. Sex toy boutique Babeland reported a 50% increase in sales in February, right around Valentine's Day.

    22. The sex toy market actually boomed during the recent recession.

    23. The top three sex toy states (based on sex toy purchase per capita) are South Dakota, Idaho, and West Virginia.

    24. And the three most popular purchases at sex toy stores are vibrators (19.2%), dildos (16%), and lube (14%).

    25. Dildo replicas exist of famous porn stars like James Deen and Ron Jeremy and other celebs (like the members of the band Rammstein.)

    26. There's a company called Bad Dragon that manufactures dragon-themed dildos, fleshlights, and more.

    27. The most expensive sex toy in the world is a white gold vibrator with 117 embedded diamonds, worth $55,000.

    28. Sales in bondage toys reportedly increased by 50% after 50 Shades of Grey became popular.

    29. And Ben Wa balls, which are used for Kegel exercises, have had sales skyrocket by 350% because of the series.

    30. The band Steely Dan was named after a strap-on from the novel Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs.

    31. The Rabbit vibrator was invented in 1983 and was made to look like a rabbit because Japanese manufacturers weren't actually allowed to make vibrators.

    32. Sex and the City writers decided to give Charlotte an obsession with the Rabbit after going to the Pleasure Chest and learning that the Rabbit was their best-selling toy.

    33. In 2006, Oprah dubbed The Rabbit Habit as the "Rolls Royce of sex toys" in O, The Oprah Magazine.