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    17 Book-Inspired Accessories You'll Want Immediately

    Geek out in style.

    1. Great Expectations Book Clutch

    2. Jane Eyre Mini Book Necklace

    3. Harry Potter Stars Ring

    4. Pride and Prejudice iPhone Case

    5. Alice in Wonderland Scarf

    6. The Great Gatsby West Egg vs. East Egg Necklaces

    7. 1984 Candle Holders

    8. Jules Verne Collection Book Purse

    9. The Catcher in the Rye Hunting Hat Necklace

    10. Wuthering Heights Cuff Bracelet

    11. A Clockwork Orange Tote

    12. Lord of the Flies Quote Ring

    13. The Hobbit Handpainted Sneakers

    14. The Hunger Games Ear Cuff

    15. Un Dictionnaire Wallet

    16. Harry Potter Bookshelf Necklace

    17. Arabian Nights Laptop Sleeve