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    17 Book-Inspired Accessories You'll Want Immediately

    Geek out in style.

    1. Great Expectations Book Clutch


    After all, "Great Expectations" pretty much summarizes every night out on the town.

    $165.00 on Etsy.

    2. Jane Eyre Mini Book Necklace


    You can also pick your favorite book and get it custom-made.

    $25.15 on Etsy.

    3. Harry Potter Stars Ring


    A subtle way to display your eternal love.

    $12.00 on Etsy.

    4. Pride and Prejudice iPhone Case


    For those of us who wish we lived in a different century even while also loving the luxury of an iPhone.

    $15.93 on Etsy.

    5. Alice in Wonderland Scarf


    It includes the famous quote where Alice asks the Cheshire Cat for directions, so it's perfect.

    $42.00 on Etsy.

    6. The Great Gatsby West Egg vs. East Egg Necklaces


    The other half can be given to the Nick-to-your-Jay person in your life.

    $39.99 on ModCloth.

    7. 1984 Candle Holders


    Can you resist the irony of having an "anti-sex league" candle holder in your bedroom?

    $10.00 on Etsy.

    8. Jules Verne Collection Book Purse


    Perfect for the adventurous type.

    $98.00 on Etsy.

    9. The Catcher in the Rye Hunting Hat Necklace


    Keep Holden's red hunting hat close to your heart.

    $39.99 on ModCloth.

    10. Wuthering Heights Cuff Bracelet


    You can wear your heart(break) on your sleeve.

    $30.00 on Etsy.

    11. A Clockwork Orange Tote


    The iconic book cover that needs no title.

    $17.99 on ModCloth.

    12. Lord of the Flies Quote Ring


    Piggy :(

    $24.00 on Etsy.

    13. The Hobbit Handpainted Sneakers


    In case you're already planning what you're wearing to the premiere of the next film.

    $55.00 on Etsy.

    14. The Hunger Games Ear Cuff


    Katniss would approve.

    $49.00 on Etsy.

    15. Un Dictionnaire Wallet


    Especially perfect for fancy French restaurant outings.

    $34.99 on ModCloth.

    16. Harry Potter Bookshelf Necklace


    Bookshelf necklaces are insanely cute, but the glasses, Gryffindor scarf and Hedwig add a nice touch.

    $53.66 on Etsy.

    17. Arabian Nights Laptop Sleeve


    There's nothing like a beautiful story to look at when finally tucking that computer away.

    $45.00 on Etsy.