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    The 17 Stages Of Period Syncing With Your Best Friend

    It's a bloody emotional time.

    1. Obviously, you spend an ungodly amount of time together.

    2. But despite being close, you're suddenly kind of really cranky towards each other.

    3. And your usual teasing starts to sting a little more than usual :_(

    4. You both crave basically mountains of food.

    5. And, weirdly enough, the SAME EXACT types of food.

    6. You both have an exaggerated appreciation for PJs.

    7. And staying home to binge watch your favorite shows.

    8. You both complain about how bloated and big you feel.

    9. And you gently comfort each other through your acne breakouts.

    10. But you also get more aggressive than ever over hotties at the bar.

    11. And you get into fights you'd normally never get into.

    12. You both cry at the drop of a hat.

    13. And at literally the same things.

    14. You each know your period should be around the corner.

    15. And then you get even more stressed when it's not on time.

    16. But then you see the other person's tampon wrappers in the trash and everything makes sense.

    17. You're blood sisters, and you're in this together.