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    27 Things To Buy From Amazon If You Love Spoiling Your Dog

    Well, to be fair, the treat dispenser you can watch and control from your phone is equally a gift for *you*.

    1. A monthly BarkBox subscription, because your pup could never have enough squeaky plush toys, healthy snacks, or chewy treats.

    2. A Wi-Fi-controlled pet camera that also lets you virtually toss your boi a treat (and watch it from your phone so really you're spoiling yourself, too.)

    3. A variety pack of puppy "ice cream" (which you just mix with water and freeze) to give your dog the artisanal gelato shop experience they deserve.

    Reviewer's two dogs jumping excitedly and licking the tub of dog ice cream

    4. A log full of squeaky squirrels you can hide around the house (or replace with all new ones once your toothsome doggo actually finds them).

    Dog chewing on log-shaped plush toy with included squirrels

    5. A chic, easily-washable velvet sofa bed for your dog(s) to lounge on — not to mention, you may secretly wish it also came in human sizes.

    Three dogs sitting on the mini sofa bed

    6. A "designer bag" squeaky plush if you want your pampered pooch to strut with the confidence of a fancy French heiress.

    Reviewer's dog holding the "Chewy Vuitton" plush toy that looks like a designer purse

    7. A frosted doggie cake kit (complete with a bone-shaped mold) so you can customize your confection and make it exaaaactly like your pupper likes it.

    8. A box of hand-decorated, whole-ingredient "get well" cookies for when your dog has to wear a cone, get their nails clipped, or experience any mild inconvenience TBH. (And yes, these come in styles for pretty much every occasion imaginable.)

    9. A DIY bubble fence window so your inquisitive pup can judgingly stare at your neighbor when they don't recycle.

    Dog looking out the bubble-shaped window from their fence

    10. A comfy, cotton "Adidog" tracksuit available in every color or size you need so there's really no excuse NOT to make your Pomeranian's OOTD dreams come true.

    Reviewer's dog wearing the "Adidog" black and white track suit-like shit

    11. A super-soft, nonshedding fleece blanket for your pup to cuddle up in (or for you to roll them into a blankie burrito before bedtime).

    Reviewer's dog laying under the fuzzy blanket

    12. An outdoor canopy bed that shields your beloved floof from the sun without cramping their style.

    Dog standing in the grey canopy bed

    13. A stylish bowl set to keep your enthusiastic eater from spilling their food...and will catch every last crumb of kibble.

    Reviewer's dog eating from the two-bowl green set

    14. A luxury foldable stroller that's great for older or injured dogs, but *also* perfect for those times you just want to quickly cruise by your neighborhood with your finicky fur baby in the front seat.

    Reviewer pushing the stroller with their two small dogs sitting in it

    15. A faux-Burberry harness and leash set, because your Maltipoo has expensive taste 💅.

    Dog in the Burberry-like harness and leash set

    16. A suede memory foam bed that, no judgment, you might crash on yourself when your own 12-year-old mattress gets springy (if your Border Collie lets you, that is.)

    Dog laying in the stylish, circular bed

    17. A cushy bike basket with reflective stripes to keep your pet visible and, more importantly, provide extra storage for all their snacks.

    Dog sitting in the large blue fabric bike basket

    18. A treat baking set complete with several silicone molds and a recipe booklet, so your pup can snack on homemade biscuits All. The. Time.

    19. A cross-body mesh carrier bag that keeps your bb cozy while also giving them a great view, whether you're hiking or just checking out the farmers market.

    Reviewer wearing the pink carrier bag with small dog inside

    20. A set of sturdy rope toys perfect for puppy teething, sneaky dental cleanings, or just the ability to play tug-of-war in every room in the house.

    21. A faux fur, memory foam warming mat that'll cozy up your dog's corner while also making them look like a Succession patriarch.

    Dog sitting on the faux fur rug-like mat

    22. Dinner For Dogs, an adorable cookbook, to make healthy dinners with human ingredients for your pupperoni, like meat pies and oatmeal.

    The cookbook

    23. A fleece-lined bed "cave" to cater to all your cuddlebug's snuggling, burrowing needs.

    Reviewer's dog resting in the cave-like fleece dog bed

    24. A plushie toy that'll gift your dog with another chewy ball inside when they finally tear it open.

    25. A doggie spa-level remoisturizer for detangling and re-hydrating your long-haired pupper's luscious locks.

    26. A pack of turkey tendon "donuts," because these'll serve as a more natural alternative to rawhide and are great for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs.

    The ring-shaped treats

    27. A spacious booster car seat so your dog can dreamily stare through the window and existentially think about life like any teenager should.

    Two dogs sitting in the bed-like car seat

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