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21 Things Every Major "Moana" Fan Can Relate To

Is that Te Fiti or Beyoncé?

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3. Protecting our badass feminist princess/~chief~ at all costs:

Moana: *proudly represents her culture, is a WOC, not impossibly thin, SAVES WORLD, finds self and 👏NEEDS👏NO👏PRINCE…

6. Screaming every word to every song:

moana: see the line where the sky meets the sea me: IT CALLS MEEEEEEE

7. Loving Lin-Manuel Miranda more and more with each listen to the soundtrack:

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9. Calling haters of cultural richness out on their garbage:

12. Valuing Hei Hei as a true star of the show:

Even though he literally only ever does ONE useful thing.


15. Refusing to put up with that criticism of setting nonsense:

"moana is bad because most of the movie is on a boat" titanic has 11 oscars


18. Understanding the true moral of the story:

Moana is teaching us to repair our "broken" hearts so that we could become our natural selfs and live in harmony again.

21. And, of course, struggling to believe it'll be outdone by Disney's next:

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