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How Many Of These Middle-Class Problems Have You Encountered?

You've been through so much.

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  1. They got your name wrong on your Starbucks cup.
    You gave up on going into a restaurant because the wait was too long.
    There was no water or little candies in your Uber.
    You had to take a very expensive Uber ride during surge pricing.
    You exceeded your credit card limit without realizing it.
    You misplaced your remote and had to stand up to turn on the TV.
    You traveled to somewhere cold and had to buy a warmer outfit when you got there.
    You had to use your passport to get into a bar because you lost your driver's license.
    You resorted to store-bought risotto because you didn't have the patience to make it yourself.
    You were outraged at the cost of passes for a music festival, but you bought them and went anyways.
    You hide your mouth or don't move your lips when you sing along to a song in your car.
    You couldn't get in the right mood for The Handmaid's Tale.
    Your cousins went to Disney before you did.
    You waited to get that thing you need from Amazon instead.
    You went an extra block for a no-fee ATM.
    Your iPhone is constantly out of space.
    You got into Pokémon Go after everyone else and now nobody cares about it anymore.
    You don't know how to properly dispose of your Nespresso capsules.
    Your hairdresser changed salons.
    You finished your drink right as your food came out, and now you can't find your server anywhere.
    You asked for an unsweetened coffee and it came sweetened.
    You got really bummed when your metal water bottle got a dent.
    You missed a Marvel movie and now you're worried you'll never catch up.
    You missed a flight by five minutes.
    You've missed more than one flight.
    You can never get your Bluetooth speaker to reliably connect to your phone.
    Your Bluetooth headphones ran out of battery in the middle of your run.
    Your gym isn't open on Sundays.
    You're thinking about buying a smartwatch.
    The finale of Breaking Bad affected you more than you'd admit.
    You used a hashtag ironically.
    You want to learn the Spanish lyrics in "Despacito"
    You're waiting until November to buy something on Black Friday.
    It's not delivery if you need to go down to pick it up.
    There were no vacancies for pilates at the time you could go.
    You started saying "shook" ironically and couldn't stop.

How Many Of These Middle-Class Problems Have You Encountered?

You're either very poor, or very rich, but you definitely don't suffer from many middle-class problems. Life goes on. We each have our struggles.

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You suffer from some middle-class problems, but not many. You're just a little bit privileged. Keep living that good (but not too good) life.
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You're really suffering from a lot of middle-class problems. At least you have enough of a sense of humor to laugh at yourself... when you're not too busy arguing with your broker because you pre-approved for a $700k mortgage but you're really just not sure you need that much house right now, you know?
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Congratulations! You genuinely SUFFER under the weight of your privilege. You may even be so middle-class that you're in danger of becoming upper-middle-class. Send this to all your other middle-class friends along with that really funny Dilbert you read this morning.
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This post was translated from Portuguese.

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