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    11 Totally Wild Beliefs Assumptions About Sex That People In History Used To Have

    What'll people in the future think about us???

    1. For a long time, a lot of cultures believed that women could be cursed with fanged vaginas.

    2. Scientists once believed that there was a very tiny little man inside of each sperm cell.

    3. People also used to believe that masturbation was the cause of most unexplained illnesses...

    4. As well as underdeveloped breasts!

    5. Breakfast cereal was invented, amongst many reasons, to help people control the urge to masturbate.

    6. "Hysteria," which was considered to be a mental disturbance exclusive to women up until the 1950s', was supposedly caused by the uterus trying to move around the body.

    7. Hysteria continued to be considered a legitimate condition for many years, and one of its many treatments included "physician-assisted" masturbation...which led to the invention of the vibrator.

    8. It was also once believed that women shouldn't work in the food industry or be around certain kinds of products while menstruating, because their blood was supposedly toxic.

    9. People also used to believe that a woman could only get pregnant if the sex was consensual.

    10. Stress caused by studying could also harm the uterus, supposedly.

    11. And, to round out this list of totally wild myths, here's one last one: scientists once believed that menopause happens because men didn't find older women attractive.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.