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    10 Beauty Products That You Didn't Know Could Be Multipurpose

    Talk about double-duty beauty.

    1. Hairspray can work wonders for your hair and also very random things:

    Regiane Anacleto / YouTube / Via

    Besides holding your hair in place, hairspray can also be used to smooth over frizz — just spray it on a comb or brush and then brush it your hair. You can also take care of bad roots in a pinch: just give the roots a little spray and cover it with eye shadow. Really!

    Hairspray can also help hold a loose zipper in place (just apply it to the zipper chain), keep ripped pantyhose together for a while, and work as a lipstick/pen ink stain remover (soak the affected area with a little water, spray some hairspray on a towel and rub it on the stain).

    2. Translucent setting powder can also work as dry shampoo or be mixed in with other kinds of makeup. ✨

    Carol Pires / YouTube / Via

    In addition to removing oil, loose translucent powder can disguise the grease in your hair, soften blush/bronzer, leave creamy lipstick a little more matte, and make lashes more voluminous if applied in between layers of mascara.

    3. You can use blushes, bronzers, and highlighters as eye shadow, and vice versa.

    Ana Alonso / YouTube / Via

    You don't need one of those fancy giant palettes with a billion colors to have a lot of options to work with — start with what you already have!

    4. Creamy lipsticks and blushes can also pull double duty elsewhere on your face.

    Ellen Mil Grau / Glamour Brasil / Via

    Again, don't feel restricted just because one product is "designed" for a specific part of your face. Mix it up, and If you are really bold, you can even go so far as to use red matte lipstick as eye shadow like in this video here.

    5. Mascara works for your eyebrows and hair!

    Allure / YouTube / Via

    Mascara not only elongates and defines eyelashes, but it can also be used as eyeliner, a quick-fix root cover up, and eyebrow brush.

    6. Conditioner can moisturize much more than just your hair.

    Amanda Domenico / YouTube / Via

    In addition to untangling and moisturizing hair, it works as a depilatory cream for shaving, a makeup remover in an emergency, a nice cream to soften your cuticles, and even as a fabric softener! Plus, if you're taking a bath, add a few drops of conditioner into the water — it'll keep your skin happy and hydrated!

    7. The same brown pencil that you use to line your eyes can also work for a smokey eye shadow and even contour your face!

    Yasmin Chantal / YouTube / Via

    In addition to lining your eyes, you can define your eyebrows, do a smoky eye, contour your nose and even make fake freckles, if you wanted.

    8. Turn old eye shadow into your very own custom nail polish.

    Lindsay Kujama / Delighted Momma / Via

    Grind it up and mix it with clear nail polish, and voilà — you have your own unique shade of nail polish.

    9. And don't forget the original dry shampoo: baby powder.

    Thábatta Campos / YouTube / Via

    Just like all the fancier dry shampoo products out there today, baby powder can tackle hair grease like no other, and give you some great volume.

    10. And of course, you know all about the wonders of coconut oil, right?

    Juliana Kataoka / BuzzFeed Brasil

    We've even made a post by testing FIFTEEN possible uses for coconut oil. Tl;dr, it can work as a moisturizer, shaving cream, makeup remover and split ends savior. And, if you mix it in different proportions with baking soda, it can also work as toothpaste and even as deodorant!

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