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    We Tried 15 Different Uses Of Coconut Oil And Now We're Giving You The Lowdown

    From relieving snoring to polishing furniture, these are the most effective and most overrated uses of coconut oil.

    1. Coconut oil in your morning coffee: "A kind of tuned-up latte, creamier and yummier."

    Rafael Capanema / BuzzFeed Brasil

    "I always take my coffee black. But, when I'm in the mood for a little change, I take it with coconut butter and oil. Say what??

    The guy who invented the recipe, called Bulletproof Coffee, is an American entrepreneur named Dave Asprey. He claims that Bulletproof Coffee gets rid of hunger and improves concentration. To me, it doesn't actually make much of a difference (perhaps because I'm addicted to coffee and am perpetually starving), but I still use his recipe simply because I like it.

    It's the butter that truly makes this drink amazing. It's a kind of tuned-up latte, both creamier and yummier. But the oil gives the coffee that little hint of coconut that had me at hello.

    To prepare the drink, make a regular cup of coffee and then mix it in the blender with 1-2 tablespoons of butter and the same amount of coconut oil. Sweeten to taste. And remember to use good quality coffee and butter (UNSALTED)." - Rafael Capanema

    2. Coconut oil to stop snoring: "It's better to get proper treatment."

    Watchara_tongnoi / Getty Images

    "Luiza, my wife, uses coconut oil for everything: to moisturize skin and lips, to treat inflammation in our dog's ear, and to fry bananas.

    The other day, she jokingly suggested that I try spreading coconut oil in my nostrils before going to sleep to see if it would help me snore less. I looked it up and discovered that some people actually recommend doing exactly that. The procedure is simple: apply the coconut oil to the nostrils before going to sleep and catch some Z's.

    After applying the oil, I immediately felt that my nose had become less stuffy. But it also could have been a placebo effect. I asked Luiza, who goes to sleep later than I do, to give me some real time feedback.

    About two hours after having fallen asleep, she sent me a WhatsApp message saying, "Handsome, your snoring has improved A LOT." But then, a mere hour later... "Now it seems like it got worse?"

    Maybe it would have worked if the coconut oil had been applied every two hours (practical, right?) or if I was just taking a short nap. At any rate, it's better to get proper treatment. But, for frying bananas, the coconut oil always does the trick." - Rafael Capanema

    3. Coconut oil as a deodorant: "I'm seriously considering trading in my antiperspirant for this all-natural concoction."

    Nadiajda Ferreira / BuzzFeed Brasil

    "Making the deodorant is really simple. All you have to do is heat up four tablespoons of coconut oil and then begin adding, little by little, two and a half tablespoons of baking soda. When the mixture becomes homogeneous, you just have to put it into a small lidded jar and leave it in the fridge for an hour or two: the mixture will solidify and the texture will become like that of regular deodorant.

    The coconut oil is responsible for adhering the mixture to the skin and moisturizing it, while the baking soda is responsible for keeping the armpit stank at bay. You can also add an essential oil to perfume the deodorant, but I decided not to because I thought it might aggravate my allergies.

    I tried the deodorant out for three days, two of which were as hot as Hades. I won't lie, I had my regular antiperspirant in my bag just in case. I'd been running around all day and figured that, at any moment, I could turn into a walking carrion. But I was pleasantly surprised because the coconut oil deodorant actually took very good care of any unpleasant odors, even on the day that I was walking around in a cardigan under a broiling sun. I'm seriously considering trading in my antiperspirant for this more natural and healthier concoction.

    Hint: If you perspire a lot and the mixture can't manage to neutralize the odors, the trick is to add a little bit more baking soda. Just keep trying it out until you find the best ratio for you. Super approved!" - Nadiajda Ferreira

    4. Coconut oil to soften your feet: "Man, it did NOT work."

    Juliana Kataoka / BuzzFeed Brasil

    "I spent my vacation on a farm and was barefoot the entire time because I hate shoes. But my feet weren't really happy about the long strolls down gravel roads and my skin became thick as hell. I'm too ticklish to to file my feet, so I tried using coconut oil to soften them instead.

    Man, it did NOT work. I tried spreading the coconut oil on my feet before bed, but it turned into some sort of alien goop. It stuck to everything because my skin didn't absorb it and I ended up having to wash it off. The next day, I tried using it again, this time during the day. Once again, it stuck to my flip-flops, sneakers, and life in general. And I didn't even use that much! It's just that the oil has a texture that's quite... well, oily and thick. So, no, I don't recommend it." - Nadiajda Ferreira

    5. Coconut oil as a facial moisturizer: "Maybe using it once a week works, but every day doesn't seem like a good idea."

    Flora Paul / BuzzFeed Brasil

    "When you think of putting oil on your face, you immediately start to worry about breaking out. But people have been finding success using oils as moisturizers for a while now (even people who have oily skin), so I decided to dive in, face first.

    Out of all the uses for coconut oil, this must be the one where the smell bothers you the most: since the oil is all over your face, you feel like you're a dessert. I applied the oil before bed, and even though it's kinda sticky, it didn't actually get all over my pillow. I woke up with my skin moisturized and, at least in my opinion, with my facial spots a little lighter.

    On the second try, though, things didn't go as smoothly. I tried using it as a daytime moisturizer and let's just say that coconut oil and makeup do not go well together. My makeup was spreading all over the place. On the third try, I think I used a bit too much and I felt some pimples threatening to pop up. Maybe using it once a week works, but using it every day doesn't seem like a good idea." - Flora Paul

    6. Coconut oil for cooking: "It's really tasty when used in certain dishes."

    Susana Cristalli / BuzzFeed Brasil

    "When used in cooking, coconut oil acts like a cross between oil and butter. It has a pasty consistency but, when it melts, it yields quite a lot.

    I used less than a tablespoon to fry an egg (casually mentioning... two yolks!) and I thought it turned out well. (I only seasoned the egg with smoked salt and pepper.) The coconut oil does have a strong taste, though, and it definitely permeates the food. Its sweet smell also fills the whole kitchen.

    It's really tasty when used in certain dishes, particularly those that call for ingredients like shrimp, ginger, curry, and even coconut milk. It depends on your individual tastes and preferences, but it didn't go wrong in my book!" - Susana Cristalli

    7. Coconut oil to revive leather shoes: "It worked extremely well!"

    Susana Cristalli / BuzzFeed Brasil

    "I used coconut oil to breathe new life into leather boots and it worked extremely well! I put a little bit of oil (which was in quite a pasty state because it was left out of the fridge on a very warm day) on a felt cloth and it yielded A LOT. One tablespoon was more than enough for a pair of boots.

    The leather really drank it up and it restored the boots back to their original color (even after being worn for two years, in the rain, without proper care). But WAIT. I forgot the spoon containing what was left of the coconut oil on top of a wooden chest and, when I got home from work, the sunlight had melted the oil and spread it all over the place. I took advantage of the opportunity and used the same cloth to spread the oil all over the chest and, because there was still even more left over, I shined one MORE pair of boots." - Susana Cristalli

    8. Coconut oil as shaving cream: "No, I don't know if I'd use it again."

    Vitor Nascimento / BuzzFeed Brasil

    "The oil made my skin quite moisturized in order to shave, which is better than the dry sensation of shaving cream. I also liked the natural oil more than the artificial freshness of products from the pharmacy.

    But, the oil does make quite a bit of a mess when you're applying it because it runs all over the place. The result also fell short of my expectations because it left my skin feeling a little irritated. No, I don't know if I'd use it again." - Victor Nascimento

    9. Coconut oil to shine furniture: "It can be a good substitute for furniture polish, depending on the price and whether or not you like the smell."

    Clarissa Passos / BuzzFeed Brasil

    "I tested the coconut oil on my grandmother's sewing machine, which is now in my home office.

    Before beginning the test, I was really worried that the smell that would remain on the furniture. Just imagine if that nauseatingly sweet odor spread throughout the entire house!

    I finally worked up the courage, spread the oil (which was quite pasty) on a cloth, and went to work. To my surprise, the scent was actually light and pleasant. The oil makes furniture shine quite nicely, but it's not something you notice right away, especially if the surface is already varnished.

    What I did notice is that, in the case of this machine, which is veeeeeery old and has a number of chips on the surface, the chips sucked up the oil very well. If I continue applying the oil for a long time, it will probably offer some extra protection for the wood in those areas.

    If you use the coconut oil on an unfinished piece of wood, which has been neither varnished nor waxed, the effect must be more remarkable.

    Conclusion: It can be a good substitute for furniture polish, depending on the price and whether or not you like the smell." - Clarissa Passos

    10. Coconut oil as a makeup remover: "I thought that it removed the makeup well. The problem came later."

    Juliana Kataoka / BuzzFeed Brasil

    "To use coconut oil as a makeup remover, you take a little bit of oil, an amount that's smaller than a nickel, rub it between your hands until it liquefies, and spread it all over your face, then removing it with a cotton ball.

    I thought that the coconut oil removed my makeup well, even when I used a mascara that really sticks. The problem came later. The oil leaves behind an uncomfortable, oily feeling.

    I couldn't stand it and ended up washing my face in the sink, with soap. And some makeup still came off on the towel. The two together make a good combination. It removed 95% of the makeup and left my skin feeling very soft." - Juliana Kataoka

    11. Coconut oil to repair split ends: "The more damaged the hair, the more difference it makes."

    12. Coconut oil as toothpaste: "A regrettable experience."

    Alexandre Orrico / BuzzFeed Brasil

    "Look, I'm not going to lie: brushing my teeth with coconut oil was a regrettable experience. For it to work, the oil must be mixed with baking soda, which leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. And the paste is quite watery, so it's difficult to avoid the oil sliding down the handle of the toothbrush and dripping all over the place. And oil, as you well know, doesn't come out with just water. You have to use a little soap as well.

    In spite of a lot of reports that say that this mixture is beneficial to health (some even say that it makes teeth whiter), I didn't think it was very practical. It didn't have that refreshing sensation left behind after brushing with regular toothpastes and my teeth didn't even feel clean afterwards. If the intention is to use something containing fewer artificial ingredients, a good option is to use products from natural brands.

    At least, in the end, I smelled like coconut." - Alexandre Orrico

    13. Coconut oil to moisturize the cuticles: "It helped, but I think a moisturizer would have the same effect."

    Luisa Pessoa / BuzzFeed Brasil

    "I don't usually get manicures and I never remove my cuticles. My hands, in general, had been quite dry over the days prior to trying out coconut oil and my cuticles were suffering along with them.

    The oil helped, but I think a moisturizer would have had the same effect. Also, I don't think that my cuticles were reduced. In addition, the skin absorbs the oil very slowly (if at all), so your fingers become sticky and useless for a few minutes when you use the product." - Luisa Pessoa

    14. Coconut oil to lose weight: "I couldn't stand more than three days of tasting coconut in everything."

    Juliana Kataoka / BuzzFeed Brasil

    "I tried the coconut oil method of losing weight. Some people swear that it works extremely well. In my case, I confess that I wasn't terribly disciplined and I couldn't stand more than three days of tasting coconut in any and every kind of food that I ate, nor could I stand the sensation of eating the same thing over and over again for an extended period of time." - Raphael Evangelista

    15. Coconut oil to make friends: "It would be better to try other alternatives like 'Do you think it's going to rain today?' or 'Wow, isn't it hot out?'"

    BET / Via

    "On this assignment, it was my mission both to learn the benefits of coconut oil and to take a shot at making new friends by trying to start a conversation with something like, "Have you ever heard of coconut oil?" Well, unfortunately, it didn't work out too well.

    During this week, between taxis and Ubers, I had six different drivers. I tried to bring up the topic in conversation but, unfortunately, it didn't work out too well. I found it a little strange to ask an Uber driver, who is also a Federal Police officer, if he had heard that coconut oil can be good for people who snore a lot.

    In a restaurant, I started chatting with my own girlfriend about coconut oil, hoping that the people at surrounding tables would chime in, too. Nobody showed the slightest interest and they just continued chatting about other aspects of their lives.

    Unfortunately, on all the buses I rode and in all the bars I went to over the course of this assignment, I didn't have the courage to poke someone out of nowhere and say, "Hi! Have you heard about coconut oil?"

    Last week, we had a guest at the company and, at the end of breakfast, I asked him, out of nowhere, if he knew about coconut oil. Everyone laughed because they knew about my assignment, but the young man felt a little uncomfortable, and made a face that said, "For the love of God, what the heck is this guy talking about?"

    Conclusion: In order to make friends, the topic of coconut oil isn't the best conversation starter in the world. It would be better to try other alternatives like 'Do you think it's going to rain today?' or 'Wow, isn't it hot out?'" - Davi Rocha

    This post was translated from Portuguese.