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    14 Things You'll Only Get If You Suffer From Omphalophobia

    We live with a body part that looks like a knot in a balloon.

    1. You cannot understand how humans have evolved so much and yet still have to live with a body part that looks like a knot in a balloon.

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    If you're one of those people who has an "innie," congratulations, you have it just slightly better than the rest of us. At least you don't have to actually see the knot all the time.

    2. You may have believed it a little too much when someone threatened to unscrew your belly button, saying it would make your butt fall on the ground.

    Teasing uncles are the worst!

    3. You feel faint just imagining someone touching your belly button or even other people touching their own belly buttons (or worse, other people touching other people's belly buttons!).


    4. And if someone sticks their finger in your belly button, you're liable to feel as if you've been stabbed in the back!

    5. You have nightmares about things getting caught in your belly button.

    Jennifer Weßling / Getty Images

    6. And you love the beach, but the possibility of sand getting in where it's not supposed to be is enough to ruin all the fun.

    Corina Wieder / Getty Images

    The person in this photo is clearly some kind of MONSTER.

    7. Which doesn't really make much sense, since you also feel the constant need to keep your belly button clean.

    If you must have a belly button, at least make sure it's a clean one.

    8. Entire horror films have been scripted in your mind imagining the eventual possibility of your navel bursting.

    ^This is actually a brain, but you get the idea...

    9. To think, some children and pregnant women have the superpower of being able to force their belly button out and back in again!

    Have mercy!

    10. In fact, if you are a woman, you might feel somewhat alarmed wondering how your belly button will behave during and after pregnancy.

    If it was an innie, will it push its way out? If it's an outie, will it suck itself in? Will it ever go back to how it was before, when the pregnancy is over??

    11. You cannot even conceive of the idea of someone wanting to get their belly button pierced.

    12. Laparoscopic surgery is one of your biggest fears.

    Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgery in which they inflate your abdomen with gas and (usually) insert a mini-camera through your navel in order to guide other surgical instruments.

    13. Did you know that there is a body modification that REMOVES the belly button?

    14. By the way, why do people still use blankets that facilitate the accumulation of cotton fuzzies in their navels??

    Someone, please, BURN those blankets!

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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