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    This Is What A Belly Button Looks Like When It's Not In Your Body

    The procedure is apparently done by fans of extreme body modification. Warning: Super gross, slightly NSFW.

    Belly buttons: We've (mostly) all got one! Unless you happen to decide to remove yours. Which a few body-modification fans have.

    And thanks to Redditor xsarahwhitex, we can now see what that looks like. She posted photos of her friend undergoing the procedure and, fair warning, it's pretty icky.

    "Body mods represent different things for different people," the poster wrote. "I'm an artsy person and I feel like my body is customizable and represents individuality."

    She also shared a gnarly "after" picture, seen below, and a picture of her friend's modified ears, which were cut to be pointy.

    The poster wrote that her friend got her belly button removed by LunaCobra, a well-known body-modification expert. The process is called "nullo," short for nullification.

    Here's another removal LunaCobra did to show what her stomach will look like when it's healed:

    A little like a cyborg.

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to the Redditor and LunaCobra for comment.

    H/T: Uproxx