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    30 Festive Things From Wayfair That’ll Bring Some Holiday Cheer To Your Home

    'Tis the season ☃️

    1. A 24-karat gold and blue crystal hand-painted menorah to help you celebrate Hanukkah in style. This breathtaking piece will be a grand and glorious centerpiece to your holiday festivities.

    The blue and gold menorah has flowery detailing

    2. A pair of gnome holiday decorations to put under the tree or propped on indoor shelves. These adorable watchers bring winter joy and cheer with their cute outfits and snow-white beards.

    There are two gnomes with striped stockings and mistletoe embellishments

    3. A Kwanzaa celebration canvas painting for an elegant display of pride during the holiday season. The inks are UV and fade-resistant so, if you want, you can happily keep it up all year. This handcrafted piece is absolutely stunning!

    A Black adult with a head wrap in Africa's colors carries a bowl of fruit

    4. A wineglass set with fun Jewish sayings atop. These glasses are sure to start a conversation and grab some smiles from your guests.

    The glasses say "shalom," "i'chaim," "chutzpah" and "mazel tov" with their respective pronunciations underneath

    5. A set of two peppermint candy garden stakes that'll be welcomed additions to your changing yard. These cuties will be one of the first things your guests see and put everyone in the candy cane mood they should be in as they enter your home.

    There are two peppermint dome-shaped garden stakes that are lit up with red ribbons placed in the ground near a snowy porch

    6. A wool lumbar pillow for some added charm that looks like it came straight out of a winter magazine. Just add it to a recliner or sofa chair to get in the winter mood.

    The white pillow has a red truck lugging a green tree in the trunk

    7. A rectangular porcelain platter you can use to house upcoming Hanukkah treats. Use this as a challah plate or for some sweet potato latkes! It can start as a traditional piece to pass on to loved ones and remind them of wonderful holiday memories.

    The blue and white porcelain tray has very intricate detailing including a Jewish star and a wooden bread catcher panel

    8. A Kwanzaa pillow for your sofa or bed so you can enjoy time with family and friends while staying comfy and festive. Everyone loves a good holiday pillow!

    The red pillow says "HAPPY KWANZAA" in a sweater-like print

    9. A wrapped canvas print to get some winter colors hung in your space. This canvas print has a nice abstract and inclusive take on the winter season and will help you welcome some seasonal magic into your space.

    the canvas with holly on it hanging on a wall

    10. A set of LED string lights begging to be used for a DIY craft or gift. These can go inside lanterns or jars to add some whimsy to your decor.

    The lit fairy lights are inside a black and clear panel lantern outside

    11. A snowflake-lighted display to add some cheer to any bland walls you have. You can even hang this snowflake in a window, too! You'll be the fun house on the street, for sure.

    12. A set of lighted tree branches fit for a seasonal vase or similar ceramic piece. These on your windowsill? Straight out of a winter storybook. You'll love the ambiance and charm these give your home!

    The light branches are next to a snowy window and in dark ceramic vase

    13. An iridescent reindeer with 105 LED lights because, tbh, just look at how freaking magnificent it is!! This will look gorgeous during the day AND at night and definitely make your house the top contender for "best decorated" this year.

    reviewer image of the light up reindeer outside

    14. A set of Hannukah taper candles that'll look great burnt or unburnt. Add these to a menorah or use them in whichever way suits you — they'll be sure to add some extra ✨sparkle✨ to your celebrations and decor.

    The taper candles are red, orange, yellow and have brown markings

    15. A set of LED string lights to showcase your holiday cheer in a bright and colorful way. Hang them inside across mantels and shelves or outside across porches or edges of your roof. You'll feel like your home is a magical winter wonderland and really, what's better than that?!

    16. An electric fireplace for some added warmth and comfort as the days get colder and the sun sets earlier. You'll feel cozy and merry as you warm next to the fire with your favorite drink.

    17. A set of eight finial ornaments that come in the most gorgeous colors and designs. These are classic winter ornaments that evoke feelings of elegance, cheer, and magic. Perfect for hanging from a tree, a shelf, or even your ceiling. Regardless they'll sparkle and shine.

    There are four deep emerald ornaments with various textures ranging from matte to glitter

    18. An Eddie Bauer reversible blanket so you can stay cozy and warm while watching your favorite cheesy holiday movies. My family loves to watch Christmas movies in our pajamas in cozy blankets like this. A holiday blanket is a great choice.

    six of the different blankets stacked on top of each other

    19. A 3D hanging wood ornament because it's a nod to nature and the shifting seasons but also, it's just so dang cute. You can bring a bit of the outdoors into your home for a cozy feel.

    The model with reddish painted nails hold the wooden ornament with a bird on a branch and trees in front of a lit Christmas tree

    20. A set of six acrylic crystal jewel drop hanging figurines to add some elegance to your decor choices. These will reflect lights beautifully and add some dimension to your home while making it seem as if there are little pieces of a chandelier hanging around your home.

    The clear crystal drops hang from a white snowy tree branch

    21. A faux pine garland that simply NEEDS to be on your fireplace this season. If you don't have a fireplace (@ apartment dwellers), try your headboard, table, couch, or TV! This versatile decor is a winter season classic.

    The green garland with pinecones is hung on top of the mantle of a white fireplace

    22. A set of Christmas dinnerware fit for cookie decorating, home-cooked holiday meals, and piping hot cocoa. The set has adorable adorned trees. 🎄

    There is a white and green Christmas set with decorated Christmas trees in the middle

    23. A Christmas print with a cute little Santa holding a star. Add this to your living room or near the tree to add some fun decor to your space. This will be adorable as a backdrop to Christmas parties or family events.

    The Santa is holding a yellow star against a blueish grey background with red branches and white stars

    24. An LED personalized stocking to amp up your traditions in a personal way this year. Your family, pets, loved ones, and friends will swoon over this personalized gift of joy.

    25. A mini tree for smaller spaces or younger people. Don't want to commit to a huge tree? That's OK! Try one of these. I grew up decorating a mini tree for my own room every year. This a cute piece you can use time and time again.

    26. A set of four floral placemats that look like they came straight out of an adorable winter cottage. These classic and rustic placemats have stunning poinsettias, candles, ribbons, and other winter details that will add a precious touch to your holiday meals.

    the floral placemats

    27. A lighted artificial tree because it does all the hard work for you! You can use this tree each year with its beautiful snowy leaves and warm lights (no more trekking out into nature during the coldest months of the year). You'll love how much glitz it adds to your home!

    reviewer image of the artificial tree in a home

    28. A festive wreath you can hang on your door so everyone who visits knows you're truly in the holiday spirit. Plus it'll help you locate your door in the pitch black as you stumble home from the holiday party this year.

    29. A mixed floral arrangement that'll become your table centerpiece at Friendsgiving, the roomie White Elephant exchange, and even Christmas dinner, if you're hosting this year.

    30. A letter to Santa ornament to add a precious nod to Christmas to your space. Bring back some childhood charm with this piece. The glitter adds just the right touch of visual fun!

    The red sparkly ornament says "To Santa Claus North Pole" with a snowflake stamp and a candy cane edge

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