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    27 Products That Reviewers With Fine Hair Swear By

    Only the ~finest~ of products for our finest of hair folks.

    1. A volumizing hair powder to give your locks a little lift any time you fancy one, with a poof n' boost of instant volume, texture, and lasting hold.

    2. A tangle-teasing detangling brush specially made for fine and thin hair-having folks who want to gently remove knots and rats' nests without breaking hair or leaving it frizzy and frazzled.

    Reviewer using the rose bud brush

    3. Or a tourmaline-enhanced nylon brush which is small but sturdy and highly efficient at creating volume and the most *precise* teased looks, including vintage-style bouffants.

    4. A dry texturizing hair spray reviewers rave is the *best of the best* when it comes to enhancing your mane's body and definition without leaving it greasy or heavy AND giving it a soft, matte finish. So good.

    5. An Honest Company leave-in conditioning spray to nourish your locks, assist you ~greatly~ in the detangling process before you comb it out, and leave you smelling like a delicious dessert.

    6. A laver-scented dry shampoo made with natural, organic ingredients perfect for a busy morning hair refresh when you don't have time for a full wash and dry. Start with a small amount of powder, tap it out onto the roots, and then gently rub it in for best results.

    7. OUAI wave spray for those effortless beachy waves you've been craving all winter long without having to ever set foot onto the shore or in the ocean. We love a low-effort styler.

    8. A vegan, leave-in curl-defining cream rich in rice amino acids to seal in moisture and avocado to nourish and hydrate your hair back to health. Use this stuff often for soft, bouncy curls full of body.

    9. A L'Oreal Paris hair treatment kinda like a big, thirst-quenching glass of water for your thirsty hair, giving you that silky-smooth, shiny look and feel so transformative it might leave you breathless.

    10. A collagen-coating hair protein treatment to give your scalp some much-needed TLC. This rich, deep repairing mask only takes five to twenty minutes in wet, freshly washed, and rinsed hair before it works its magic.

    11. An extremely satisfying scalp massage shampoo brush because you deserve an invigorating massage while you clean your head, which reviewers say might even help stimulate hair growth.

    12. A miraculous molecular hair repair oil that may cause up to a whopping 78% reduction in split ends. Plus, it boasts 24-hour frizz control (yes, all day long), and even an increase in natural, healthy shine. Use this and shine on, baby.

    Model's hair before and after using the hair oil

    13. A ceramic curling wand if you're in the market for a professional styling tool that heats quickly (I'm talking 30 seconds here, people) and delivers salon-quality results to even the thinnest, finest of hair.

    14. A shampoo and conditioner combo set ideal for those who want to help strengthen their hair while giving it a good, cleansing scrub and hydrating, shine-inducing condition. Yes, it's made for all hair types, but SUPER GOOD for those with fine hair.

    15. A Mane Club 10-in-one leave-in spray which is my personal best hair bud, as it conditions, detangles, hydrates, smooths, protects from heat, prevents breakage, controls frizz, softens, boosts shine, AND strengthens your locks (and if you have fine hair, you know that's often needed). Yeah, and this all really does happen with just a few daily spritzes. I can't believe how long I lived without it.

    16. An Herbal Essence renewing shampoo that smells like mint and citrus. Blended with essential antioxidants, aloe, and sea kelp, it's sure to leave your hair feelin' soft, lightweight, and fantastic.

    The shampoo

    17. A multi-award winning anti-frizz spray not even the toughest of Southern humidity has a fighting chance against. It works its magic for ~days~ after applying. Talk about life-changing for fine, frizzy-haired folks.

    Reviewer's hair before and after using the spray

    18. A caffeine and biotin hair-thickening spray if you're ready to meet the newest member of your fine hair care family. This natural spray is perf for fine or thin hair, won't leave a gross, sticky residue (it actually smells awesome, thank you very much), adds texture, and volumizes. Talk about a multitasker.

    19. An incredibly comfy pack of hair ties for fine hair that won't damage, snag or dent your precious pelt, and, as reviewers rave, won't leave it crimped with a "ponytail bump", either (ugh, the worst).

    20. Or a pack of ultra-soft microfiber hair-drying scrunchies for frizz-free, heatless air drying that is SO much better (and more stylish) than wearing a damp towel around your head.

    21. A volumizing and texturizing powder to dab right on your roots and watch as it wow, ~instantly~ liquifies and gives your hair the body its been long craving. FINALLY.

    22. An OGX extra strength scalp treatment formulated with tea tree leaf oil, peppermint, and witch hazel extracts to de-grease your roots and restore itchy, dry, flaky scalps. Excess oil production is especially annoying if you've got thin hair, and this beats that back with a vengeance.

    23. A Revlon hair dryer and hot brush that delivers a salon-worthy blowout and is kinda like having a mini hairdresser in your bathroom at all times. Best of all, it's friendly on ALL hair types.

    24. A Bumble and Bumble styling cream if you love to air-dry but still want heat and hassle-free styling options. This first-of-a-kind cream adds texture and dimension without burning or weighing down your locks.

    25. An eco-friendly shampoo bar for a unique spin on hair-washing that adds tons of body and bounce to your tresses with the added bonus of no plastic bottle packaging. Translation: by using it, you're doing your part in helping the planet (and caring for your hair).

    26. A Pureology instant levitation mist so you can say goodbye to dull, flat hair and HELLO to body, control, and a little bit of heat protection, as a treat.

    Model's hair before and after using the mist

    27. And a revolutionary hair diffuser designed with 360-degree airflow, which means ALL heat is evenly distributed through your mane as you work, plus it attaches well to ~most~ hair dryers.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.