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    29 Problem-Solving Pet Products You’ll Probably End Up Using At Least Once A Week

    No matter the pet problem you're having, there's bound to be a cool product on this list to help remedy it ASAP.

    1. A unique pair of indoor leggings with grippy socks to prevent your pooch from slipping and sliding all over your freshly waxed hardwood floors. The stretchy cooling material allows air to circulate easily and makes them as comfy to wear as your own fave socks or slippers.

    Dog wearing the indoor leggings

    2. A state-of-the-art de-shedding tool for large dogs that gently removes their excess undercoat fur and includes an eject button so you can get rid of all that fluff nearly as fast as can you give your pup a good, relaxing brushing. They'll thank you with many sloppy kisses.

    3. A raised double pet bowl with a unique tilted design to reduce kitty neck strain while they stay hydrated and munch on their meals. This is an especially great gift for cats with arthritis, sensitive stomachs, and general stubbornness.

    Cat enjoying the double pet bowl

    4. A scoop-free self-cleaning automated litter box for those feline fans who want to strike scooping off their to-do list and help keep their floors immaculately clean. This bad boy uses odor-neutralizing crystal litter which provides five times better odor control than traditional clumping litter. Me-ow.

    Cat using the scoop-free litter box.

    5. A medicated bottle of hot spot and itch relief safe to spray on dogs and cats who can't who just can't stop gnawing at that same pesky spot and *driving you up a wall* trying to get them to stop. This'll do the trick with no embarrassing recovery cone of shame needed.

    The bottle of itch relief spray

    6. A super cool ball launcher to ensure you never again have to touch your pup's slobbery, dirty toy after they've very helpfully been fetching it non-stop for you outdoors. Upgrade your distance and throwing speed with this easy-to-use "extra arm."

    Review photo of dog enjoying the ball launcher

    7. A pack of Burt's Bees dander-reducing wipes specially made to moisturize and condition your cat's dry skin. The natural formula includes soothing oatmeal, plus the wipes are pH balanced specifically for kitties.

    Review photo of the dander-reducing wipes

    8. A healing snout soother balm that my mom absolutely *adores* because it's made with all-natural organic ingredients and has helped enormously in moisturizing her beloved Buddy's usually dry and chapped nose.

    9. An adjustable dog harness perfect for light to moderate pullers who try and yank your arm out of its socket whenever they see something exciting outside (which is often). The breathable design helps keep your doggie cool with less coverage.

    Dog wearing the adjustable harness

    10. A bottle of handmade pet hair detangler made with au natural ingredients that smell great and contain an odor neutralizer (thus the cool and concise name on the label which ensures you'll never mistake it for anything else).

    The pet hair detangler

    11. A brushless four-in-one pack of large dog dental chews with a toothpaste center to keep those canine teeth as clean and plaque-free as humanly possible. Definitely a *must-have* for dogs with stinky breath who can't get enough treats.

    The pack of large dog dental chews

    12. A pre-portioned programmable pet food dispenser, ideal for those days when you know you'll be home late but want to make sure your fluffy friend gets their dinner served on time. Also works great to keep outside critters from getting into their chow.

    Review photo of cat enjoying the automatic food dispenser

    13. A handy aquarium scrubber featuring a non-slip, easy grip handle so removing algae from your pets' tanks becomes a blissfully easy and stress-free task. Time for true blue waters once more.

    The aquarium scrubber

    14. A high-powered air purifier, perfect for families who have members sensitive to fur, dander, and other pet-related allergens, and have been sniffling and sneezing way too much lately to fully function. Allergies begone.

    Review photo of the air purifier

    15. A pack of adorable, thick, and sturdy scented waste pick-up bags that smell like delicious honeysuckle and will easily be mistaken for fashion accessories by passers-by on your many walks and clean-ups. I mean, *how cute* are those colors and cacti designs?

    The scented waste pick-up bags

    16. A portable muddy paw cleaner because rain, sleet, and snow are inevitable but that doesn't mean your carpeting or beloved new bedsheets have to get filthy after wet walks.

    Review photo of dog before and after using the black paw cleaner

    17. A brilliant taste deterrent spray for dogs to keep your puppy from chewing your fave furniture and older pups from licking at their otherwise nicely healing hot spots.

    18. A classic dog anxiety jacket, great for pooches who need a little reassurance and a gentle, constant pressure to reduce their fear, excitement, and nervousness, whether they're getting used to all the noises in their new home, annoyed at the neighbors who won't stop setting off fireworks, or totally freaked by thunderstorms.

    Review photo of dog wearing the anxiety jacket

    19. A lightweight pet staircase with rubber grips on the bottoms to keep them firmly in place wherever you place them, plus a removable carpet tread for simple cleaning. Let your fur babies more easily climb to give you a big kiss in bed every morning...or just snuggle while you hit snooze.

    20. A special dog-friendly sun protector spray that dually conditions your pup's coat while shielding their skin from harmful UV rays. This non-greasy, non-oily formula is the only FDA compliant pet sunscreen on the market, and is a must-have for pooches who have their share of bald spots...or are hairless.

    Review photo of the dog sun protector spray

    21. A bug-zapping flea and tick collar for large dogs that kills and repels pesky creepy-crawlies within 24 hours of initial application. It's also water-resistant and remains effective for up to eight months even after your dog goes for an occasional swim or gets a shampoo.

    The flea and tick collar for large dogs

    22. A tasty allergy immune supplement made with digestive probiotics and prebiotics, great for dogs who suffer from hot spots, seasonal allergies, and itchy skin. Each chew contains salmon fish oil (yum) and Colostrum, a pre-milk that helps with allergies, immune function, and digestion.

    Review photo of dog before and after the immune supplements

    23. A two-piece, all-natural shampoo and salve bar set to better care for your dog's sore, achy paws and keep their coats as clean and shiny as it was when they were puppies. The organic salve is safe for licking and both products are cruelty-free.

    The shampoo and salve bar set

    24. A cleverly designed top-entry litter box that'll prevent scatter, spraying, and all manner of unsightly cat bathroom behavior. Made from BPA-free material, this safe and sturdy design includes a handy scoop mount and is excellent for felines of all sizes.

    Review photo of cat enjoying the white top-entry litter box

    25. A tincture of calming relief hemp and turmeric oil, safe for pets suffering from aches and discomfort associated with inflammation, illness, and aging. It works to support healthy immunity and digestion and can be added to your furry friend's food.

    Dog enjoying the calming relief hemp and turmeric oil

    26. A large classic ultra-durable Kong toy that even the toughest of canine jaws won't be able to chew through. This baby also has a great erratic bounce them guessing with sudden and truly unpredictable games of fetch, and can be stuffed with peanut butter and treats to keep them entertained for hours on end.

    Dog enjoying the classic KONG toy

    27. A smart pet electronic tracking tag that works as a community pet finder and safeguarding GPS all in one. Powered by Bluetooth technology and a free smartphone app, anyone who passes within 300 feet of a lost pet will receive a notification and instructions for contacting their owners, as well as a detailed digital profile and medical info.

    The smart pet electronic tracking tag

    28. An easy-to-use comb that helps remove fleas from your dog's otherwise beautiful and glorious coat, especially if they're a big fan of nature walks and tend to be tasty hosts for the critters.

    The flea comb

    29. An airtight food storage container and scoop combo to keep up to 25 pounds of your pet's food and treats dry and fresh for as long as possible while keeping it safe from ants and other potential intruders.

    The garnet red/grey red food storage container and scoop combo

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