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    30 Problem-Solving Pet Products From Amazon With Before-And-Afters That Might Make You Think “I Should Try This”

    Some pet problems leave you totally puzzled, but these before-and-afters are here with the answers.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    1. A durable de-shedding pet grooming brush so effective, you may just brush off a "bonus pet" by the time you're finished removing all the excess fur from their undercoat.,

    Promising review: "This comb is a godsend. I have a long-haired cat that sheds like it's his job, and a short-haired cat that has wires for hair and it works perfectly on both. I've never gotten so much hair off the cats! And the long-haired one is picky about the kind of comb but he sat and let me comb him forever and I had enough hair to make a sweater." —Armida

    Price: $15.97

    2. A tube of Petrodex dog toothpaste to fight bad breath, reduce plaque and tarter formation, and keep your canine's canines looking squeaky clean. Oh, and they'll love that it's poultry-flavored (yum).

    Review photo of before and after the dog toothpaste

    Promising review: "Holy cow!!! This stuff works! I read the great reviews and gave it a shot...I've been using it once a week for a year and when I tell you that I can literally pick chunks of hardened plaque off of her teeth I am not lying! It was like all of a sudden it kicked in and worked like a miracle. I just got my nail under the plaque on her back tooth that was the worst and pulled and the whole piece of plaque came off exposing a clean and beautifully healthy tooth underneath! I am SO happy! Like I said it took some time but with regular brushing it works perfectly!" —Bethany

    Price: $8.77

    3. A pack of oatmeal-scented paw butter designed to protect and soften up your pet's dry and cracked little toes. Not to mention, it's totally safe for them to lick at since it's made with natural, high-quality ingredients. Careful: may make you tempted to nibble your pet's feet, it smells so darn good...

    Promising review: "Smells exactly like oatmeal cookies! I just adopted a six-week old German shepherd and I've been giving him several baths a week due to him being so messy. After every bath I massaged his paws with this and he has the softest, best oatmeal cookies-smelling paws." —Jen

    Price: $7.99

    4. A pet hair-remover roller excellent for cleaning up after long-haired cats, dogs, and all varieties of furry friends. Keep your couch, carpet, and car fuzz-free and easily wash with water and a soft towel. You'll never need a lint roller again.

    Promising review: "I could tell right from the first use that this is going to be a life-changing product for me. I’ve been struggling for years with my white loveseat and two fluffy grey cats that like to sleep on it. But this device completely amazed me! It is SO fast and easy, and really really works! If you have cats this is a must-buy. I can’t believe all the other sticky products or shipping tape I used to fumble around with. This thing is incredible! Absolutely zero complaints so far." —Julia

    Price: $24.95+ (originally $30.95+, available in two colors)

    5. A medicated chlorhexidine spray for dogs and cats that relieves itching, hot spots, paw licking, allergies, acne, and yeast infections. The aloe and vitamin E soothes your fur baby's skin and is perfect to use between baths.

    Review photo of cat before and after the spray

    Promising review: "I have an FIV + cat who I took in from the streets. He had ear mites and a yeast infection in his mouth. That yeast infection travelled to his skin by him licking it, and he had many 'hot spots' and even though he had no fleas, he constantly itches even after the ear mites were gone. I spray it into my hands and I lathered him all around his head, ears, neck and all the hot spots a couple times a day for about three days. It's been a couple months, and the issues are gone and he is finally growing more than just his undercoat. This is so worth it. Now he's back to being a weird little happy cat. Saved me a vet visit." —J. Taylor

    Price: $15.95

    6. A professional strength pet-stain-and-odor eliminator that gets deep down into any surface, be it carpets, clothing, furniture, or litter boxes, eliminating tough stains on the spot. Plus it's chlorine-free and color safe.

    Promising review: "This product is great and works well. I have had a long-standing pet urine smell in the 1930's wood floors from a prior occupant. After several applications, the smell is gone. The product has a mild pleasing smell that dissipates over time which I really appreciate given my sensitivity to smells. Highly recommended." —Robert

    Price: $19.96+ (originally $19.97+, available in two sizes)

    7. An all-natural organic Snout Soother dog nose balm for chapped, crusty, and dry dog noses. Nourishing and soothing, it contains a special blend of vegan ingredients to help your pooches deeply moisturize and heal.

    Promising review: "Our 5-year-old Frenchie, Carol, had a nose that was so crusty it was sprouting these long strands of more crust. There was literally crust on crust on crust. The nose had strings of crust. This nose was so crusty and repulsive, it was almost beautiful. A friend recommended Snout Soother for Carol's repulsive nose. I was worried she would just lick it all off and it wouldn't work. We never imagined she could have a regular, soft, moist nose again. Honestly this product is some black magic stuff! Unbelievable results in three to five days." —Brittany

    Price: $7.95

    8. A super handy elevated folding dog bath tub and wash station for small to medium-sized dogs because your pup deserves a safe, thorough cleaning and you deserve no more back aches or pains from hunching over. It folds in seconds and includes an attached stretchable drain hose.

    Promising review: "This product is a gift from heaven! It comes with a safety harness to secure my baby during the bath and he has never been so behaved during the bath! I'm so happy! It definitely made bath time at home much easier and safer than before. Look at how cute and compact the package is! The legs were taken down in the package. You will need to put the legs on first, but it's very easy. I have a small tub so I put two legs in my tub and two legs out and then put the drain hose into my tub. After it's done, just fold it against the wall. It doesn't take much space in my tiny bathroom. It's so smart! I love it!" —Anning

    Price: $119.99

    9. A highly effective, fast-acting oral flea treatment for cats that includes six doses and starts killing fleas within 30 minutes of application. If you kitty gets re-infested, simply give them another dose once per day.

    Review photo of after the oral flea treatment

    Promising review: "Wow! I gave my cat a tablet when I got home from work this evening. In about half an hour, fleas were literally falling off of her. At first I started vacuuming up their carcasses but then I found a lint roller to be more useful. This stuff really works." —Amazon reviewer

    Price: $28.99

    10. A gentle medicated ear therapy formula safe for dogs, cats, and small animals over 12 weeks, so you can treat and prevent infections while helping to keep your pet's ear canal squeaky clean and odor-free.

    Promising review: "Works better and easier to apply than any of the competition. This actually has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal active ingredients. I saw the infection clearing up with two to three days of use. It's a liquid solution and isn't sticky, unlike the main competition which is more of an oily, thick solution that feels sticky. That's usually an issue as your dog will want to shake his/her head and end up flinging the excessive solution all over the place. This will be my go-to ear infection treatment and brand from now on." —Mc

    Price: $8.99

    11. A swoon-worthy large Duckworth plush dog toy to help with transitioning your fur baby into their new home and reducing negative behaviors like whining and barking by providing ultimate comfort. They may love it so much, they'll snuggle it forever and always.

    Promising review: "We rescued a sweet boy from a shelter this week, and as he's been acclimating to his new home, I wanted to give him something that was special and in reading all the reviews on this little duck and seeing so many adorable dogs cuddling with theirs, I knew this was going to be the first toy we gave him. When we gave this to him today and reinforced that this was his a few times he quickly started carrying it with him everywhere he went in the house. Highly recommended this little duck as a sweet surprise for probably any dog. Ours doesn't seem to care about the squeaky at all and his hasn't wanted to chew it up yet but as he opens up and gets more playful, I think he'll catch on to the idea of playing. For now though it is a great comfort for him." —Amazon reviewer

    Price: $7.90 (originally $8.99, available in assorted colors)

    12. A fast-acting, gentle formula eye rinse for cats that'll help reduce debris, redness, and tear stains while cleansing and soothing even the most sensitive of kitty eyes.

    Promising review: "This eye rinse really works. I adopted a beautiful cat a month ago but noticed his eyes were goopy and always wet, especially in the mornings. I would clean it off with a soaked paper towel but that did not help. I discovered this bottle after searching on Amazon and by the reviews I had to give it a chance. So glad I did. He wakes up now with clean beautiful bright eyes and that's only on the fourth day using it morning and night! Works wonders so fast." —Amazon reviewer

    Price: $5.99

    13. A nifty self-cleaning slicker brush so you can gently remove mats, tangled hair, and loose undercoat from your furry friend while they enjoy a brushing so relaxing it puts them right to sleep. Bonus: the comfort-grip, anti-slip handle makes it a breeze for humans to use.

    Promising review: "This is an upgrade from any other pet grooming brush I have ever owned. I never expected such a great product from a great company when spontaneously ordering a flash deal, but to my surprise this has exceeded my expectations beyond belief. Having a long-haired cat who is obsessive about cleaning herself, and it being shedding season, I am very happy that I made the decision to get this. She even runs toward me when she hears it click, which is something she has never done before, and this brush removes so much more fur than any other owned. I am hoping this will lessen her struggle with hairballs and I have nothing negative to say about this product. Definitely get it!" —Meredith

    Price: $15.99

    14. A pair of pet-grooming gloves featuring nonabrasive, flexible rubber nodules great for whether you're hand-grooming a horse, Chihuahua, or calico cat. It's super easy to clean, simply rub your gloved hands together and rinse off with water after use or toss them in the washing machine.

    Review photo of after use of the mono-green pet grooming gloves

    Promising review: "This is a marvelous product and well worth the price; it really tackles dust and mud in the thick winter coats of my horses and massages the oils to the surface, while also giving their muscles good therapy. I finished with a polishing glove and some coat conditioner. I have a pair in each tack box now — and even my grey, long haired Tennessee Walker looked pristine after a short session with this glove. If your equine charges like to roll in deep mud, this is the product for you. When the spring shedding begins, I am sure this glove will be your best friend." —Nuala

    Price: $24.99 (available in four colors and five sizes)

    15. A muddy paw cleaner to save your rugs, carpet, car, and bedding from getting soiled after your dog goes for a walk or romp in the rain. Your little buddy will be mud, dirt, salt and sand-free after experiencing the plunger's soft bristles.

    Review photo of before and after the muddy paw cleaner

    Promising review: "We live in a desert climate and have to deal with a lot of sand and mud (the few times we do get rain). I've used the paw plunger several times, including on trips. Initially my puppy was less than enthused, but now patiently submits to having her paws inserted. Since it has a lid, it can easily be taken along on a trip to protect the car from dirt and debris after a walk/hike/adventure. The large one gets quite hefty as it holds a lot of water. Cleaning it is fast and easy: pour off the dirty water, rinse, refill, and reuse." —MEdia Shy

    Price: $17.98+ (available in three sizes and four colors)

    16. A tin of wrinkle balm for cleaning and protecting your dog's wrinkles and skin folds while helping keep them infection-free. This anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory balm works especially well with bulldogs and other such wrinkly breeds and also can aid in treating allergies.

    Review photo of dog before and after the wrinkle cream

    Promising review: "I started using the wrinkle balm on my American Bully approximately a week ago. He has a few skin folds under his eyes that were red, irritated, and stinky. After just two days I noticed the smell was gone. He also isn't scratching and breaking it open anymore. Overall a win-win. No more stinky face and he seems more happy!" —Elizabeth

    Price: $14.95+ (available in three sizes)

    17. A hydrating butter leave-in conditioner perfect for pooches who need some fur de-matting, moisturizing, and dry and itchy skin relief. Choose an aromatherapeutic fragrance and consider this pet cologne.

    Review photo of before and after the dog conditioner

    Promising review: "This is a great product! I was at my wit's end with my dogs dry itchy skin from outdoor allergies. I tried this because coconut oil was not helping in the least except make her greasy and dirty from everything sticking to her. This has a great light sent, has completely cured her dry skin and no itching either. Highly recommend. Natural ingredients." —Amazon reviewer

    Price: $12.99+ (available in two scents and two sizes)

    18. A two-sided undercoat rake for cats and dogs that safely demats and detangles their fur so your home will have a lot less shedding residue. The teeth take on even the most stubborn of knots, and are gentle on your pet's skin.

    Review photo of cat after the undercoat rake

    Promising review: "This works!!! We have a long-haired black cat whose hair tangles and knots up. He also has horrible anxiety problems! So taking him to a groomer was out of the question. I was able to comb all through his hair. He purred and rolled over. I think he is incredibly grateful to have the knots gone. I imagine they hurt and pull at his skin. Is it possible for something to be too good?!! Our cat still loves it!" —Amazon reviewer

    Price: $20.95

    19. A container of dog ear cleaner wipes made with an advanced advanced veterinary formula designed to gently clean, deodorize and dry your pup's delicate ears. The soothing medication is also great at preventing wax buildup and is gentle and safe for regular use.

    Promising review: "No more ear infections! Excellent product to keep your dog's ears clean. Icky, black and brown wax builds up in my Mercy's ears. She used to whine, paw at her face and ears, and shake her head ferociously. We use these to avoid that and to keep from having go to the vet for antibiotics and medicine. These ear wipes keep her ears clean so that she doesn't get those infections. Mercy hates the ear medications from the vet, but she submits to these. The wipes are cold and wet, but she gets a treat after and feels better. Plus, they smell so clean!" —Amber

    Price: $12.99 (originally $15.97)

    20. A soft-sided portable pet travel carrier that's both airline-approved and super sturdy so your dog or cat stays comfortable, stable, and safe during long or short trips. The mesh windows keep the interior well-ventilated and the carrying strap in non-slip.

    Promising review: "This product replaced an over-priced hard-sided pet carrier which our cat hated. We found this one as an inexpensive option to try out. I am glad I did! It is reinforced well and appears very sturdy. It is easy to open and close the top with a dual zipper system and comes with a shoulder harness you can easily attach or detach. And best of all our cat loves it! I've recommended this carrier to the local shelter we like it so much!" —Timothy

    Price: $20.99+ (available in two sizes)

    21. A 20-pack of pet lifting pads for stain removal on carpet and area rug surfaces. Simply set the pad (for up to 24 hours if it's an especially tough stain), stomp, dispose and voilà, clean fabric once more!

    Review photo of the pet lifting pads in action

    Promising review: "These things are AMAZING. They are magical. If you have a pet that has accidents in the house, these are a MUST-HAVE. After your pet has an accident, all you need to do is open up the packet, place the pad on the accident spot, and then step on the pad to release the magic formula. Leave it there for at least a half an hour or up to 24 hours. Why the discrepancy, you might be asking? Because these pads work on DRIED STAINS. My puppy has been driving me bonkers with accidents in the house, but I don't sweat it anymore thanks to these pads. They are seriously miracle workers and I will always have a supply of them in my house going forward." —Lisa Koivu

    Price: $24.99

    22. An indestructible rubber Kong ball easy to find in the grass or freshly-fallen snow that can outlast even the toughest of chewers and bounces like a basketball during rousing games of fetch.

    Review photo of before and after the Kong ball

    Promising review: "My dog would break every tennis ball within ten minutes, so we upgraded to sturdier versions of tennis balls, ones designed for rough dogs. Those would last maybe two weeks. Fetch just isn't as much fun with a broken ball and the yard was littered with them. It took her a day to get used to this Kong ball, but now it's her favorite toy. Sometimes she'll just hold it in her mouth and squeeze, zoning out with good dog feels. I'd say that I would definitely buy it again, but it's pretty safe at this point to say that it's indestructible." —MG

    Price: $8.99+ (available in two sizes)

    23. A mat remover grooming comb suitable for dogs, cats, and small animals. Eliminate tangles, knots, dander, and dirt trapped in your pet's fur so they not only look good, they feel great. Works on all hair types, too.

    Review photo of cat after the grooming comb

    Promising review: "This is an excellent product! It works perfectly. I have a Rag Doll cat that has super thick long fuzzy fur. Although her fur is not prone to matting, she doesn't like being groomed. The nicely-curved teeth are not pokey on the end: it lifts the hair like a comb, and only cuts the hair. I was amazed how well this works. Definitely a well thought out tool. (And it's purple, what else could I ask for?)" —Vermillion

    Price: $16.99

    24. A bottle of sludge-destroying aquarium cleaner full of beneficial bacteria that breaks down waste and debris and is no match for messy frogs, freshwater fish, turtles, and amphibians.

    Promising review: "This stuff is awesome. It has saved me on filters, which are expensive. Also it doesn't take much. So the bottle lasts a long time. There isn't a need to clean the aquarium completely once a week. Only maintenance cleaning periodically. With serious cleaning every six to eight weeks. It's saved me money and labor. Plus Leo's happier too!" —Shae

    Price: $10.81

    25. An amazing pet carpet and upholstery cleaner for killing bacteria on the spot and cleaning your car seats and couch cushions back to perfection.

    Review photo of before and after the pet carpet and upholstery cleaner

    Promising review: "Results were immediate! One of our dogs will occasionally get into a food or snack that he isn't supposed to and the next morning we will find random spots of dried vomit scattered throughout the house. This stuff works immediately to lift up the stain. Works better than I was expecting. Simply vacuum over the filth to remove any loose bits and then spray and scrub with the product. We've even used it on spots we didn't notice for some time and it cleans them up as if it was the same day. This stuff is now a staple in our home as long as we have dogs." —Andre

    Price: $4.97

    26. A no-rinse waterless cat bath dry shampoo to leave your kitty's fur and skin feeling soft, smooth, and free of all itches. Best of all, it's quick and easy to use and won't startle them when you rub it gently all over their coat.

    Promising review: "This product is great at helping me keep my long haired Persian's hair smelling and feeling clean without actually having to bathe her multiple times a month. She is a rather messy eater and gets her chest dirty and this waterless foam cleans the mess right up. I have also noticed less shedding since using this product and her hair is so soft and fluffy. The smell is pleasant too." —Crystal M.

    Price: $7.49

    27. A professional two-speed electric rechargeable pet nail grinder with precise trimming technology, super low noise, and vibration (so your pup doesn't get nervous) and three ports to match the nails of small, medium, and large-sized dogs.

    Promising review: "I don’t normally write reviews, but I felt this one warranted one! I have a six-year old mini-dachshund and trimming nails has always been rough!! Screaming and biting (from the dog). I’ve tried other nail grinders and she was terrified of them. I came across this one and thought I’d give it a try. It took only five minutes to do ALL FOUR paws! She held perfectly still and didn’t fight me a single bit!! She even wagged her tail when we were done!! Hallelujah I think we found the tool for us!!!" —Carrie

    Price: $29.99 (available in two colors)

    28. A mindful tear stain remover comb for dogs that gently and effectively gets rid of crust, mucus, and fur stains and is essentially a must-have for owners of tear-prone breeds like Boxers and Pomeranians.

    Promising review: "My new favorite product for my puppy. He has tear stains that eventually turns into crust and this tool work amazingly to gently remove it. When I try to do it with my fingers I feel like I am hurting him but this tool is absolutely perfect to remedy this. I am so glad I bought this." —Liza

    Price: $7.95

    29. A grooming pet shampoo massage brush that's gentle yet highly effective at scrubbing away dirt, dead skin, and loose fur from your pet with its high-quality rubber bristles. Use wet to lather in pet-friendly shampoo or right on dry fur.

    Promising review: "My girls LOVED this brush wet and dry. Neither of them are fans of bath time, and this made a world of difference. They seemed much more relaxed than ever before. This has got a flexible, pup-approved texture and style." —Amazon reviewer

    Price: $8.97 (originally $17.99)

    30. A topical skin rescue lotion offering pets fast relief from a variety of skin irritations and is free of perfumes and harsh chemicals. Think of this as at-home doggie (or cat or horse) spa regimen.

    Review photo of dog before and after the lotion

    Promising review: "First off this stuff does work. I haven't used it consistently like I should have but I've already seen hair growth on my Husky. My tip: find a mason jar and squeeze all of the Dermagic into it. Afterwards, mix at least 3–4 tablespoons of coconut oil in it. If you don't know the health benefits of applying coconut oil externally on dogs skin look it up. But what this does is give you the best of both worlds and also makes it soooo much easier to apply and spread on your dog." —Darlus

    Price: $15.95+ (available in two sizes)

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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