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    26 Hair Products From Amazon Our Readers Are Loving So Far In 2023

    Introducing the holy grails of this year's reader-loved hair products.

    1. A set of Goody mini corkscrew hair pins for a quick, easy all-day hold, especially if you need to work out without worrying about stray hairs annoyingly falling into your face (or getting into your mouth, ugh). Bun lovers listen up: this is the best.

    2. A hairbrush cleaning tool because look, I know what you're thinking, you have to clean your brushes too?? First off, yes, and second, this three-way cleaning tool easily removes excess hair, dust and fluff and can be washed in warm, soapy water. Let your beloved hairbrushes live longer, happier lives.

    3. A L'Oreal Paris hair treatment which is a essentially a Brazilian blow-out in a bottle (for way less than half the price, of course). Say goodbye to frizz and dryness and hello to butter soft, luxurious locks.

    4. An extremely satisfying scalp massage shampoo brush if you want your hair washes to feel like absolute heaven, getting all up in there to get out dirt, oil, and grime. Plus it's got an awesome, easy grip and fits right in the palm of your hand.

    5. A pack of highly elastic, velvet scrunchies so you can bring out your inner VSCO girl, protect your lovely hair *and* amazingly, store small items inside 'em like keys and change, because these have little hidden zipper pouches built in. Talk about a smart little hiding spot no one would think of (your hair really can be full of secrets).

    6. A heatless hair curler set which comes with everything you need for some truly stunning curls sans-damaging heat. Use it on slightly damp hair for optimal results and spray with a styling formula to help those curls last even longer. Be sure to wrap tightly to prevent your hair from slipping out, too, and yes, you CAN SO wear these while you sleep, so you'll wake up to the most amazing hair ever with almost no effort.

    7. A collagen-coating hair protein treatment for a quick, at-home deep repair for damaged hair, over-processed, sun-beaten hair. In just three minutes, watch your mane be restored to its soft, naturally beautiful luster.

    8. A special "no yellow" shampoo if you've got grey, super lightened, or de-colored hair that you want to work on toning and effectively preventing and getting rid of unwanted brassiness, because that's one way to ruin an otherwise great look.

    Reviewer's hair after using the shampoo

    9. A nongreasy hair finishing cream stick to help shape, style, and control your edges while moisturizing broken hair and leaving it soft and smooth. This hair care essential is made of plant ingredients and helps take care of pesky wispies.

    10. A spray leave-in conditioner and de-tangler all in one ideal for curly haired peeps whose ringlets and waves need a little extra love now and again, making them shinier, smoother, and more alive than you've ever seen before.

    11. Or a time-saving detangling brush great for all hair types and with a comfy ergonomic design so neither your hands nor your scalp have to suffer while you get rid of knots and tangles.

    12. A delectable coconut air dry dream that smells like tangerine, warm vanilla, and coconut milk (um, yum) and helps hold the bounce you want without the crunchiness some styling gels give you. Quench your hair's thirst or protect color-treated hair with this amazing, sweet-smellin' stuff.

    13. An anti-dandruff shampoo if you're anything like me and all too often suffer from itchy, gross white flakes in your hair and scalp (ugh, the worst) and want to banish those bad boys for GOOD. This stuff is clinically proven to help control and kill scalp fungus, plus it's gentle on your hair.

    14. A Mane Club 10-in-one leave-in spray if you're ready to meet your best new hair bud. This miraculous stuff conditions, detangles, hydrates, smooths, protects from heat, prevents breakage, controls frizz, softens, boosts shine, AND strengthens. WOW. Talk about a superstar.

    15. A mattifying tap-in dry shampoo powder which works differently than the sprays you're probably used to but is SERIOUSLY skilled in cleaning your scalp, reducing build-up, boosting volume, and protecting your hair all in one go. Best of all, it's compact-sized so it's perfect for traveling.

    16. A multi-award winning anti-frizz spray that can last for DAYS after first round of spritzes, meaning you can enter even the toughest of humidity (Florida vacation, anyone?) without worrying your hair will look like you just rolled out of bed.

    Reviewer's hair before and after using the spray

    17. An Honest Company conditioning detangling spray available in three delicious scents and ~guaranteed~ to make you look as pretty as you feel and smell after applying. Not to worry, the smell isn't overwhelming, either.

    18. A pack of ultra-soft microfiber hair drying scrunchies for frizz-free, heatless air drying that are even super comfy to sleep in. Hey, it's better than walking around with a damp towel on your head.

    19. Or a warm, wonderful satin-lined beanie that won't leave your hair frizzy in the slightest. Au contraire, your hair will be well-protected as much as you'll feel snug as a bug in a rug in it.

    20. A Revlon hair dryer and hot brush you DEFINITELY need in your life, as it's like having a handheld, portable at-home mini salon that's friendly on ALL hair types and styles and delivers an unstoppable blowout fast. Truly a treasure to behold.

    21. A lightweight hair oil which reviewers ~rave~ is magic in a bottle, liquid gold, etc. It doesn't weigh you down while still leaving your locks soft, silky, and smooth. Oh yeah, and it smells amazing, too.

    22. A set of hair claw clips for thick, heavy hair that needs a little extra help to keep it properly in place. These are sturdy so they won't break easily, either, and WHO has the time to deal with that nonsense?

    23. A light, moisturizing coconut and argan oil conditioning spray to smooth out your hair, minimize frizz, and lock in that good hydration. Spritz some on before bed and wake up to a whole new head of calm, happy hair.

    24. A hair wax pomade stick that helps makes texture and shape control an absolute cinch. TikTok loves it and reviewers confirm this stuff is TOTALLY worth the hype, especially if you're going for that effortless, slicked-back look or some perfectly laid ponytails.

    25. A hair spray bottle for an ultra-fine, continuous, refreshing water mist which also doubles as an excellent plant waterer, if you're someone who likes your fave products to be multi-functional. Spritz some on any hair type to help keep it in tip-top condition.

    26. And a pack of highly effective hair color remover wipes for when you've dyed your hair a fun fantasy color but it's now time to wipe away any pesky residue left on your skin, plus it leaves you smelling amazing.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.