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What Chicken Are You?

Charcken? Chooken? Cheken? Find out what chicken you are!

Judy Carter • One year ago

iPhone Staches

Lack of facial hair got you down? No problem! Use your phone to make a 'stache.

Judy Carter • 8 years ago

Team Building Tuesday

It's Team Building Tuesday! We will crush you with our compassion, destroy you with our empathy, and annihilate you with our community.

Judy Carter • 8 years ago

Minneapolis: Best City in the US For Gays, Hipsters, Moms, Bikers & Jobs

Minneapolis just can't stop being on top! You wouldn’t think that one American city could be the best place for working moms, bikers, gays, hipsters and job seekers, but Minneapolis is so awesome it manages to pull it off.

Judy Carter • 8 years ago


Are you and Enthusiastic Woman? Do you have a hard time finding magazines that match your level of excitement? Well, get even more excited, because ENTHUSIASTIC Woman magazine is here!

Judy Carter • 8 years ago

Gas Main Explosion Rocks Minneapolis!

A giant fireball exploded from the earth early Thursday morning in Minneapolis. The fire has since been put out, and there are no reports of any injuries. Hot stuff!

Judy Carter • 8 years ago

Why Trainer Bob Is The Biggest Loser On Twitter

Trainer Bob went on a cry-baby Twitter rant when he couldn't get into a Minneapolis restaurant. What a mistake! Twitter users are bashing the D-list Celebrity for having D-bag behavior.

Judy Carter • 8 years ago

Little Girl Reacts To Packer's Win

The last thing she says is "the Packers are horrendous!"

Judy Carter • 8 years ago

Yes, You Are A Horrible Person

Can't argue with that. You totally suck.

Judy Carter • 8 years ago

Gingerbread Metrodome Fail

The great icing blizzard of 2010 was just too much for the paper plate roof. Looks like the Gingerbread Vikings need to find another venue to play the Gummi Bears at on Monday.

Judy Carter • 8 years ago

Chloe Sevigny In Drag Is Totally Mesmerizing

Not sure why, but I'm finding it impossible to stop watching these "drag Chloe Sevigny" vids. The real Chloe interviews just don't have as much style.

Judy Carter • 8 years ago

Hugh Jackman Rides Everything

Hugh Jackman just zip-lined into your heart.

Judy Carter • 8 years ago

The Top Ten Songs Of 2010

This year had a lot of terrible songs that if I never hear again it will be too soon (yes, I’m talking about you Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair”). Still, the great songs were made, and I am really excited about this year’s list.

Judy Carter • 8 years ago

Not Feeling the Holiday Spirit Yet? Don't Worry, I've Got You Covered.

Henrietta and Merna sing "Go Tell It On The Mountain". I can't tell if their stoned or abused.

Judy Carter • 8 years ago

White IPhone 4 Spotted in Minneapolis

Yesterday I was eating Downtown Minneapolis when I spotted something almost as rare as a unicorn, a white iPhone 4. I didn’t even know they could manufacture those things! Being me, I had to take some pics of my rare find, and talk to the guy who had it.

Judy Carter • 8 years ago

Red House: Where Black People & White People Buy Furniture

An ad campaign based around the fact that the store has a rainbow coalition of customers. "Look at this sofa, it's perfect for a white person, or a black person." "I like deer huntin', bass fishin' & extendin' credit to all people." WOW.

Judy Carter • 8 years ago

Back To The Future Of Halloween

The best Halloween costume this year involved a recently purchased Delorean. The way I see it, if you're gonna build a Halloween costume into a car, why not do it with some style?

Judy Carter • 8 years ago

Pete Campbell From Mad Men Parties With Bloggers In Minneapolis

At one point in the night we noticed Vincent Kartheiser, who plays Peter Campbell on Mad Men, playing darts with some friends. All I have to say is thanks to Vincent for being so cool and being such a gem about letting us take pics with you. And yes, it was totes a really great time.

Judy Carter • 8 years ago

Flight Attendants Do Katy Perry & Lady Gaga

These Cebu Pacific flight attendants decided to forgo the boring flight safety routine and set it to Katy Perry and Gaga.

Judy Carter • 8 years ago

Meat Dance

Meat. Just meat. It's a meat dance.

Judy Carter • 9 years ago