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18 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Bra For A Bralette

Ridiculously comfortable. Ridiculously pretty. Ridiculous you haven't made the switch yet.

1. The time of cups and underwires is long past.

Gurl / Via

2. The bralette is what's now a simple and beautiful version of the normal bra you're used to.

laciegirl / Via

3. It's so fashionable that you don't even need to wear it as an undergarment.

shopdaftbird / Via

4. (Yes, even if it gives your parents a heart attack).

Daftbird / Via

5. There are tons of different shapes and designs, so there's something that suits your specific tastes.

And they all look really pretty.
NastyGal / Via

And they all look really pretty.

6. They're the perfect thing for romantic nights in...

lightinthebox / Via

7. ...or to show off a flirty neckline...

shopstyle / Via

8. ...or just to walk around the house feeling super hot, because you will be.

UrbanOutfitters / Via

9. Bralettes are comfortable, sexy, simple, and perfect.

Simone Williams / Via

10. Just look how great it looks under a sweater with some accessories!

ClotheTome / Via

11. Bralettes look great under any casual outfit.

shopstyle / Via

12. Damn! *Runs to the nearest store and buys every one I can find.*

*goes into eternal debt* 😞
asos / Via

*goes into eternal debt* 😞

13. It won't disappoint! You can even wear it to an elegant event, and you'll look spectacular!

nordstrom / Via

14. Open back: 💯

luulla / Via

15. With satin, straps, lace, prints...however you want it!

barneys / Via

16. You feel that? It's your body begging to put on one of these.

thehunt / Via

17. You'll never want to go back to wearing a regular bra.

Pacsun / Via

18. Convinced?

urbanoutfitters / Via

Check out some of our favorite bralettes to buy right now!

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