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    18 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Bra For A Bralette

    Ridiculously comfortable. Ridiculously pretty. Ridiculous you haven't made the switch yet.

    1. The time of cups and underwires is long past.

    2. The bralette is what's now a simple and beautiful version of the normal bra you're used to.

    3. It's so fashionable that you don't even need to wear it as an undergarment.

    4. (Yes, even if it gives your parents a heart attack).

    5. There are tons of different shapes and designs, so there's something that suits your specific tastes.

    6. They're the perfect thing for romantic nights in...

    7. ...or to show off a flirty neckline...

    8. ...or just to walk around the house feeling super hot, because you will be.

    9. Bralettes are comfortable, sexy, simple, and perfect.

    10. Just look how great it looks under a sweater with some accessories!

    11. Bralettes look great under any casual outfit.

    12. Damn! *Runs to the nearest store and buys every one I can find.*

    13. It won't disappoint! You can even wear it to an elegant event, and you'll look spectacular!

    14. Open back: 💯

    15. With satin, straps, lace, prints...however you want it!

    16. You feel that? It's your body begging to put on one of these.

    17. You'll never want to go back to wearing a regular bra.

    18. Convinced?

    Check out some of our favorite bralettes to buy right now!