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    • judies2

      Her fantastic attitude is definitely helping in the healing process and I’m so glad she is now seeing some improvement.Itoo blog about beauty products, strictly organic and many DIY’s.Iwould like to shareafew tips asIhave hadavery similar experience years ago. It wasachemical contact reaction and it made my skin very toxic and the ph was thrown off terribly. What worked for me was this: No more cleansers or commercial cosmetics,IfiguredIwould go back to it onceIhealed but never bothered asIdidn’t feel the need to risk any more toxic reactions with so many good organic products available now. Drink lots of clean filtered water. Only wash your face using the oil cleansing method with good organic oils (I like coconut oil, avocado oil and olive oil)…Simply dampen your face with luke warm water then massage the oil gently but firmly all over your face and neck, withaclean wet washcloth gently remove the oil and spritz your face withalittle brewed and cooled organic green tea. Try not to do anything else to your skin until it’s completely healed. There isavery healing tinted moisturizer with organic herbal extracts at this online store (http://www.naturesbrands.com/?a_aid=c70a5900) if you feel you must put something on your skin. Good luck and I’m very sorry for anyone who has suchaterrible experience. ~Judie (Colorful Canary)

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