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Scarlett Johansson's Nude Pics Hacker Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison

Christopher Chaney hacked Johansson, Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, in addition to women he knew personally.

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"I don't want to compare it to throwing a touchdown pass, but it was a rush," Chris Chaney told GQ earlier this year, referring to the first time he hacked a celebrity.

Chaney, who was arrested in October 2011, gained notoriety for leaking Scarlett Johansson's nude cell phone pics. But he also was accused of terrorizing women he knew, reportedly sending naked photos of a former co-worker to her father.

Now he'll serve the next 10 years in prison, according to the AP. Chaney was sentenced after pleading guilty to charges including wiretapping and unauthorized access to a computer.

Johansson apparently taped a tearful videotaped statement that played in the courtroom before Chaney was sentenced. Christina Aguilera also released a statement before the sentencing:

"As a person who has been in the public eye for over a decade I am no stranger to my life being exposed to the media and the public. Like it or not, it is par for the course these days. The moments which we can hold sacred and call our own are even fewer yet they are still something I hold dear. Emails with my best friends and exchanges between myself and my closest confidants and photos taken in the comfort and safety of my own home. Those are moments that were taken from me. That feeling of security can never be given back and there is no compensation that can restore the feeling one has from such a large invasion of privacy."