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    25 DIY Ways To Get Ready For "Catching Fire"

    These crafty Tributes are definitely ready for the opening of Catching Fire this week.

    1. Hunger Games Dessert Table

    Set up a dessert table for your friends before heading out for opening night. We love this one from Oleander + Palm. Candy apples with gold arrows through them? Cinna would approve.

    2. Arena Embroidery

    Jenna Dickes put this up on Craftster, and it is complete stitch witchery.

    3. You Guys! Hand Cut Mockingjay Maple Leaf

    An Xacto knife, a raid of the neighborhood leaf piles, and some award-winning patience could get you this mockingjay carving. So could Fine Oddity's shop. The latter would probably save you some eye twitching.

    4. Seriously Over-the-Top Cupcakes

    Cakecrumbs created these for the last movie. If you're confident with your fondant skills, you've got a week to bust out these showstoppers.

    5. Video Shortcut to Some More Seriously Over-The-Top Cupcakes

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    In seven minutes you can learn how to make My Cupcake Addiction's amazingly straightforward cakes, and your friends will think it's total witchcraft.

    6. Mockingjay Brownie Stencil

    Anna Bondoc explains exactly how she made this stencil (which you could use on all kinds of sweet treats). Keep your hands as steady as Katniss's.

    7. Hunger Games Cookies

    Lizy B Bakes delivers big time with these cookies. Violence and heartache never looked so delicious.

    8. More Hunger Games Cookies

    You can never have too many cookies. Whoever tells you otherwise is a liar and a Capitol-sympathizer. We really love what Brownie Bites did here, and the directions are super easy to translate at home.

    9. Origami Mockingjay

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    We can't think of a good reason not to make this.

    10. Cardstock Arrows

    The original inspiration for Marigold Mom was biblical. But how perfect would these be as an opening night accessory?

    11. Arrow Pillows

    Amelie and Atticus screen printed arrows onto fabric and created these crazy-chic Hunger Games-inspired throw pillows. If you're not into screen printing get out your applique or fabric painting skills to make your own.

    12. Girl On Fire Hair Comb

    Dig out the craft foam and glitter because this tutorial from Sparrows & Arrows is everything.

    13. The Belvedere District 12 Cocktail

    Waiting for Catching Fire is driving us to drink. Beverages like this one from Refinery 29 are the reason it's good to be an over 21 fan.

    14. Mellark's Bakery Goat Cheese And Apple Tarts

    Leave it to Fictional Food to come up with a yummy recipe for the popular dessert from Peeta's family bakery. Totally making these for Thanksgiving.

    15. Katniss's Arena Groosling Soup

    Another awesome recipe from Fictional Food, inspired by the soup Katniss makes for Peeta. Love at first slurp.

    16. PVC Bow And Arrow

    Affordable supplies, foam-tipped arrows, and it looks amazing. Get Skip To My Lou's awesome tutorial here.

    17. Popsicle Stick and Q-Tip Bow and Arrow

    For the little ones who stand a great chance of poking someone's eye out with anything more substantial than a Q-tip. Directions here.

    18. Mockingjay Jack-O-Lantern

    Who says jack-o-lanterns can only come out for Halloween? Get inspired by this carved gourd from Lauren Kitsune and whip out that carving set for opening night.

    19. 1:12 Scale Hunger Games Feast

    Not kidding around with this one. A dollhouse miniature of foods from the series by Fairchild Art. Can't. Even.

    20. Arrow Bobby Pins / Via

    For those who want to be show their Hunger Games enthusiasm the subtle way. Get the tutorial here.

    21. I Shop The Hob Tote

    Rae Gun Ramblings has a great tutorial for this adorable tote. Must. Have.

    22. District 9 Coal Necklace

    Using authentic coal briquets. Get the directions here.

    23. Mockingjay T-Shirt

    Get a bleach pen and some freezer paper, and you've got almost everything you need to make your own t-shirt for the Catching Fire premiere. Check out this easy tutorial from Average Jane Crafter.

    24. District 12 Manicure

    This crazy DIY manicure uses the COVERGIRL Capitol Collection nail polishes, studs, and decals.

    25. Ring On Fire

    This insane ring is made with little plastic bowling pins and takes less than an hour to make. Get the tutorial here.

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