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    What I Learned From Yoko Ono's Crazy Twitter Account

    The woman who has oft-been accused of destroying the greatest band in history, and general cuckoo bananas lady, Yoko Ono has a Twitter account. I know. It doesn't make sense. But I waded through her timeline, and here's what I've learned.

    1. Yoko Keeps Her Head Empty

    2. Yoko Apparently Lives In An Alternate Universe Where People Are Always Making Desert Island Jokes

    3. Yoko Wants You To Alienate Your Friends

    4. Yoko Burns Furniture To Prove Nonsensical Points

    5. Yoko Is Made Nervous By "Construction"

    6. Yoko Is High All Of The Time

    7. Yoko Hates Roses

    8. Yoko Thinks That We All Too Often Forget The Silkrain

    9. Yoko Doesn't Believe In Wish Tree Regulations

    10. Yoko Carries The Torch For Political Issues That Don't Exist

    11. Yoko Thinks The World Needs More People Drawing Lines With Their Bodies

    12. Yoko Is An Expert On World Religions

    13. Yoko Is Fucking With Us