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Updated on May 13, 2020. Posted on Aug 17, 2011

The Best Poetry From I Love Cats Magazine

There is a magazine called "I Love Cats." That magazine has a "poetry corner." These are a few of their best selections. You're welcome.

1. "Kitty Wisdom"

By Cheryl A. Kidd

I look into its eyesWisdom ariseFlowing into meI seeThe eyes of a catJust like thatI feel like crawling through the streetsWho knows who'll I'll meetLife is goodWith my litter box and foodSo I tell it like thisA cat's life is bliss

2. "Chess Cat"

By Cyndie Goins Hoelscher

Tired of games of cat and mouse,She contemplates her moveIn a quiet corner of the houseThere’s something new to prove.A swift, white paw captures my rookWithout so much as a double take.I blankly stare at the piece she tookWhich puts my King in Check Mate.

3. "Politics And Meg"

By Joanne Elliot

My moggy is a lady,My feline is divine,But try as I may,It’s always her way,She’ll only come home to dine.MEGMeg, my moggy, is a madam.Moody mewing marauder.Maddeningly mischievous mystery.Majestic mighty mistress.Mine.

4. "My Cat"

By Bruce Baker

does your cat wear boots when it rains?play canasta or travel on trains?does she climb mountains to take photographsor tickle your toes to see if you laugh?i have a cat who does all of these.shares all her me her fleasand when in bed and everythings rightshe creeps over softly to kiss me goodnight

5. "Eyes"

Poem By Ed Kostro

Another day has come and gone,I lie in bed; is something wrong?I cannot sleep; I toss and turn,I know not what it is I yearn.Then he comes in dead of night,He brings compassion to my plight.He perches there upon my chest,He somehow knows that I need rest.He peers at me with knowing eyes,Oh how sage, for one his size.He gently pats me on my chin,Then a lullaby, he soon begins.He sings and purrs deep within his soul,His love is true – so brave and bold.He never speaks a single word,Yet, his message - loudly heard.He’s telling me that all is well,He soothes me with his feline spell.True friends like this are truly rare,For me, this friend is always there.Soon, together, we drift off to sleep,Confident in our hearts – this bond we keep.

6. "Logan, The Hunter"

By Steve Leger

Scottsdale, AZLogan the HunterFierce and loyalThe predator tabbyPounces from his couchTo the infinite SaharaStalking through tallgrassin Martha Stuart huesHe eyes his prey, helplessIn an open field of tan berberThough from his same pride,-- a sister cub no lessHe stalks her patiently,Still unseen…POUNCE!!!A snarl, a hiss so viscousIf not from such cuddly preyStill, he made his point:Logan the hunter,King of the guest room

7. "The Cats"

By Leah Schweitzer

they vacationin separate roomsbutthey meditatetogether

8. "Sum Of All Purrs"

By Crissie Summer Foltz

I knew the day she came to stayThat she was quite unique.You see, Vans come with warnings --They're a challenge, so to speak.They'll try your patience --They'll jump too high; they abound with energy.They'll keep you on your tippee toes,And do just what they please!Broken vases, broken plaques --Nothing is off limits.The higher is the better,And the pinnacle a pittance.Stair rails, plate rails --All there for them to climb.Anything you wish preservedBecomes the brunt of kitty crime.Luxuriant tail swishing in and out,Tip curling back and forth.Volcanic eyes flash electric gaze,Invisible foes to thwart.But! All is forgiven, for, oh! What sweetness --Inherent within one form....Only God above could wrap such loveIn resplendent fur so soft, so warm.

9. "Split Personality"

By Greta Starrett

PurrPurrhe rubs you in the faceeyes full of lovesetting you in a trancemesmorized by the eyesfollows your stepsaround the househugs and kisseshe leaves you behe is now thundering in every which waycollides into wallsleaps down stairsgallops about the house like a lunaticattacking our other cat with leaps and boundsand then lovey all over again.

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