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    16 Other People Born On Christmas Day

    These are the forgotten birthdays of that famous holiday. So don't forget to get these folks double presents.


    The English physicist gave us the three laws of motion. Get him an iPad so he can try out those theories in Angry Birds.


    She gave us the American Red Cross. She's probably one of the few people who would actually like the whole "donation in her name" gift. So do that.


    Evelyn Nesbit was the hottest vaudeville performer at the turn of the century. She was also known for being in the middle of one of the most famous murder cases of all time when her husband Harry K. Thaw shot her lover, famed architect Stanford White (who designed the Washington Square Arch, among many other famed New York landmarks). For her birthday, I bet she'd love to be featured on TMZ. Are you listening Harvey?


    The patriarch of the Hilton clan that still plagues us to this day, Conrad was a brilliant businessman and hotel magnate that once worked with Don Draperwould probably be disappointed with his progeny. Get him a hundred copies of "One Night In Paris" and a blow torch. He'll enjoy himself.


    One of the greatest actors and coolest men to ever live only wants two things for his birthday: Fine alcohol and your girlfriend. If I were you I'd give him both.


    The jazz singer and band leader was best known for his time at the Cotton Club. I think you should get him a Spotify account. It'll blow his mind. Mostly because he won't understand what the Internet is. But he'll like the music too.


    I don't know what you should get this former Egyptian President, but I definitely wouldn't tell him about what's happened to Mubarak. That was his Vice President. Maybe that ignorance would be the greatest gift of all for him.


    The Twilight Zone writer and host had as great an impact on the development of television as an art form as anyone. I'd give him a time slot on a network schedule. Re-airing old Twilight Zones would be more compelling than any non-comedy that NBC has to offer.


    I'd get this former Raiders Quarterback a broadcasting job. He lost his after a 2008 DUI, but I bet he's ready to get back to the booth.


    Jimmy Buffett, your dad's favorite musician would just love one of those Hawaiian shirts he's heard so much about.


    Barbara Mandrell is a country singer. You should get her this photo framed.She'll want to remember this haircut.


    Sissy Spacek is an amazing actress. Get her more jobs for her birthday. She should work more.


    You should get this Republican strategist an Obama bumper sticker. He loves a good gag gift.


    Annie Lennox is a queen. You should get her everything. Literally everything in the world.


    Dido would love a DVD copy of the "Stan" video. Remember better times.


    Eric Gordon is an NBA player that was the centerpiece in the Clippers trade for Chris Paul. So instead of playing for the most exciting young team in the NBA, he's playing for what looks to be a perennial lottery team in New Orleans. He would also love fine alcohol for his birthday.