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    How To Take An Awesome Yearbook Photo: A Guide By Famous Athletes

    No one can escape the embarrassment (or occasional triumph) of the yearbook photo.

    1. Have a kick-ass haircut.

    Brandi Chastain

    2. For instance a mullet.

    Jim Thome

    3. Or a jheri curl.

    Ken Griffey Jr.

    4. Or a flat-top.

    Joe Namath

    5. Or a buzz cut.

    Aaron Rodgers

    6. Or an afro.

    Charles Barkley

    7. Just not whatever Larry Bird has going on here.

    Larry Bird

    8. Awesome facial hair is a plus.

    Rafael Palmeiro

    9. Can't grow facial hair? Just smirk.

    Greg Maddux

    10. Nope. Too angry, Patrick.

    Patrick Ewing

    11. Mickey, didn't you hear what I said to Patrick? Chill out.

    Mickey Mantle

    12. Yeah, just like that.

    Chris Evert

    13. Having a cool-guy collar helps too.

    John Stockton

    14. Or fancy glasses.

    Fred McGriff

    15. Rock a skinny tie.

    Scottie Pippen

    16. Or a hoodie.

    Tiger Woods

    17. Or a great tux.

    Gary Payton

    18. Or a frilly shirt.

    Roger Clemens

    19. But never wear a shirt that looks like Bill Cosby designed it.

    Kobe Bryant

    20. If you can somehow combine a jheri curl, a mustache, a frilly shirt, and a great tux, you're doing something right.

    Barry Bonds

    21. Pose with a bitchin' computer.

    Derek Jeter

    22. Don't look too high.

    Dennis Rodman

    23. Maybe don't look high at all.

    Paul Pierce

    24. Try not to look like a dork.

    Philip Rivers

    25. Eat some McDonald's cookies in your photo.

    David Robinson

    26. Have a twin brother, so you can mess with people.

    José Canseco

    27. Look badass playing a sport you'll be famous for.

    Shawn Kemp

    Rafael Palmeiro

    Gary Payton

    Larry Bird

    José Canseco

    Jim Thome

    Roger Clemens

    28. Look goofy playing a sport you're not famous for.

    Roger Maris

    29. Have a great yearbook quote.

    Mark McGwire

    Quote: "Life is like a rollercoaster with it's ups and downs, just sit back and enjoy the ride."

    30. For that matter have a really dumb yearbook quote. Either extreme is fine.

    Tom Brady

    31. Walk around your high school gym like its a club.

    CC Sabathia

    32. Have a cute date.

    Magic Johnson

    33. Hold public office.

    Joe Montana

    34. Make sure to button your shirt correctly.

    Carmelo Anthony

    35. And that your necklace doesn't look stupid.

    Chris Paul

    36. Graduating always makes for a good picture.

    LeBron James

    37. Be the most adorable American athlete in the history of the Olympics.

    Mary Lou Retton

    38. Or be the greatest athlete of all time.

    Michael Jordan

    39. Or just be Jeremy Lin.

    Jeremy Lin.

    Isn't he adorable?