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    How To Take An Awesome Yearbook Photo: A Guide By Famous Athletes

    No one can escape the embarrassment (or occasional triumph) of the yearbook photo.

    1. Have a kick-ass haircut.

    2. For instance a mullet.

    3. Or a jheri curl.

    4. Or a flat-top.

    5. Or a buzz cut.

    6. Or an afro.

    7. Just not whatever Larry Bird has going on here.

    8. Awesome facial hair is a plus.

    9. Can't grow facial hair? Just smirk.

    10. Nope. Too angry, Patrick.

    11. Mickey, didn't you hear what I said to Patrick? Chill out.

    12. Yeah, just like that.

    13. Having a cool-guy collar helps too.

    14. Or fancy glasses.

    15. Rock a skinny tie.

    16. Or a hoodie.

    17. Or a great tux.

    18. Or a frilly shirt.

    19. But never wear a shirt that looks like Bill Cosby designed it.

    20. If you can somehow combine a jheri curl, a mustache, a frilly shirt, and a great tux, you're doing something right.

    21. Pose with a bitchin' computer.

    22. Don't look too high.

    23. Maybe don't look high at all.

    24. Try not to look like a dork.

    25. Eat some McDonald's cookies in your photo.

    26. Have a twin brother, so you can mess with people.

    27. Look badass playing a sport you'll be famous for.

    28. Look goofy playing a sport you're not famous for.

    29. Have a great yearbook quote.

    30. For that matter have a really dumb yearbook quote. Either extreme is fine.

    31. Walk around your high school gym like its a club.

    32. Have a cute date.

    33. Hold public office.

    34. Make sure to button your shirt correctly.

    35. And that your necklace doesn't look stupid.

    36. Graduating always makes for a good picture.

    37. Be the most adorable American athlete in the history of the Olympics.

    38. Or be the greatest athlete of all time.

    39. Or just be Jeremy Lin.