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How The Media Is Covering #OccupyOakland's Horrific Night

So last night the streets of Oakland turned into a Michael Bay movie for a while. The images and video are somewhat reminiscent of those we saw in Egypt earlier this year. Seeing as these type of images occurring in our country are somewhat rare, I figured it would be interesting to see how the media was covering the story. Here are a few looks at where and how news sites featured the story.

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  • First Some Video From Last Night

  • The New York Times

    The New York Times

    Stories given "bigger" coverage:
    -Mississippi's "Start Of Life" Vote
    -Rajat Gupta Charged With Securities Fraud
    -European Bailout Coverage

  • CNN


    Stories given "bigger" coverage (not exhaustive list):
    -Yemeni Women Burn Veils In Protest
    -The UN Saying That The World Can Continue To Thrive, Despite Population Growth
    -"We're A Culture Not A Costume"
    -Are We Making Steve Jobs A Saint?
    -Lifelike Doll's Cries Save Family From Fire

  • BBC


    Stories given "bigger" coverage:
    -Rajat Gupta Charged With Securities Fraud
    -Amazon Profits Fall Due To Kindle
    -Doctor Conrad Murray Warned Michael Jackson About The Sedative That Killed Him

  • Fox News

    Fox News

    Stories given "bigger" coverage:
    Almost everything, but particularly of note...
    -"PETA Sues SeaWorld For 'Enslaving' Killer Whales"
    - Appeals Court to Let Judge Cite Islamic Law in Ruling (Read this one. Total fear-mongering.)



    Stories given "bigger" coverage:

  • So what does this mean?

    I don't know. Do you think the events of last night are being buried? Do you think too much is being made of them? Was last night a big deal? Or are Occupy supporters blowing things out of proportion? Will we remember last night in three months, or is it just another footnote in this #Occupy story? I don't know, but I guess I thought that the story would get more coverage.

  • UPDATE: Fox News

    UPDATE: Fox News

    Why am I not surprised by this angle?