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    Bobby Valentine And The Red Sox: A Season In Grimaces

    The Red Sox announced on Twitter that the unpopular manager had gotten the axe today. But body language says Bobby knew this was coming.

    It's been a tough year for Bobby Valentine. Like a "man, I hate Boston. Why can't I have a cool job like Amanda Bynes publicist or Hindenberg pilot" kind of a year. It took him all of two weeks to throw a beloved player under the bus, and only a few months for all of Red Sox Nation to collectively lose faith in the magic of Fenway.

    But every Bostonian's nightmare ended today when the Sox announced on Twitter that the Valentine era was over.

    Thus ending what has been a season defined by infighting, losses, and grimaces.

    The "I miss Japanese chicks" Grimace

    Frank Franklin II / AP

    The "I don't care what anyone says, Dustin Pedroia's an asshole" Grimace

    Adam Hunger / Reuters

    The "I can't believe I gave up an ESPN gig for this, they don't even make you watch the games" Grimace

    Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

    The "Oh shit, the ownership made Terry Francona sound like a drug addict on his way out of town and he won two World Series. I'm fucked" Grimace

    Ted S. Warren / AP

    The "Can we just get rid of Crawford, Beckett, and Gonzalez already?" Grimace

    Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images

    The "Man, I kind of miss Adrian Gonzalez" Grimace

    Nam Y. Huh / AP

    The "Will ESPN even take me back after this? Maybe if I talk about Tebow..." Grimace

    Brian Snyder / Reuters

    The "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wish I was still with the Mets" Grimace

    Winslow Townson / AP

    Goodnight sweet prince.

    J. Rogash / Getty Images