13 Ways The World Was Different The Last Time The Spurs Lost

With their win over the Oklahoma City Thunder last night, the San Antonio Spurs have now won 20 straight games, dating back to April 12th. That’s a long time. Here’s some perspective.

1. The President Still Hadn't Expressed Support For Gay Marriage

2. "Community" Looked Like It Was Going To Get Cancelled

It was renewed for a fourth season.

3. Dan Harmon Was Still In Charge Of "Community"


The creator of the beloved show has since been fired.

4. Bryce Harper Was Still In The Minor Leagues

Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

5. People Had Yet To See The Crazy Fever Dream That Is Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" Video

6. The Three Stooges Movie Hadn't Been Released

7. Newt Gingrich Was Still Running For President

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8. "Girls" Hadn't Premiered

9. No One Thought Ashton Kutcher Was A Racist

10. The NFL Draft Had Not Yet Happened

(Reuters Pictures)

11. Nicolas Sarkozy Was Still The President Of France

(AP Photos)

12. The World Had Yet To Meet The Tupac Hologram

13. Nobody Had Eaten Someone Else's Face On The Streets Of Miami

At least not that we knew of.

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