• joyn

      As a former competitive skater, I enjoyed this article, although I feel like it almost implicitly stated that ALL male figure skaters fall “on the gay end” of things.
      In reality, the males in this sport and just like any group of males— they’re all individuals. And yep, I think there are A LOT of male figure skaters who are gay, and I would love for them to be able to openly and proudly say so. At the same time, there are also heterosexual men in the sport. And let’s be honest— some guys have figured out that they get to be the only guy sharing a locker room with 30 or so athletic girls in short skirts….and they use this to their advantage. Others? They enjoy the girl talk and the shared interests.
      In short, let’s stop stereotyping entire groups of people and GUESSING their sexuality. If they’re gay- wonderful. If they’re straight- wonderful. But how about we don’t play “spot the gay boy” by looking for whoever is making the “prettiest” movements, mmkay?

    • joyn

      As a single person: I always find it funny when people think “single” is m”not as good as” being “in a relationship”.
      * I walk around my apartment naked if I feel like it? Check
      * I don’t have a whiny-ass mini-human reaching in their diaper and smearing poop on the walls? Check
      * I get to decorate my apartment however I want, and I don’t have to compromise with anyone- Check
      * If I feel like going out, I just do- no need for permission, or a babysitter- Check
      * If I want to move across the country on the spur of the moment, nobody will ever tell me I can’t- Check
      * I get to meet lots of interesting single guys, and if I don’t agree with their values/beliefs/opinions/etc, I just don’t need to call them back. Check!
      * If I want to engage in some passionate affair with some hottie I met at the grocery store, I CAN- no spouse to worry about. Check!
      * Did I mention I DO WHAT I WANT!! Check!
      * PS, did I also mention, I DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT!!! Check!
      * Did I mention, I don’t have a significant other who will continuously disappoint me? Check!
      * I DO WHAT I WANT! Check!
      Personally, I pity people who are married with kids and complaining about how hard it is to be a parent. You…knew kids were ‘work’ before you went down that path….right?? Single ladies, unite! :oD

    • joyn

      I’m gonna disagree with the one regarding Prince. Yes, every Minnesotan proudly claims Prince as being “from their hometown”, but very few ever claim to have met him, personally (although many saw him in concert or met his cousin once). Now, JOSH HARTNETT seems to be the celebrity(ish) that EVERYONE seems to have met at a party once.

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