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If You Hate The Vuvuzela, You Hate Children

You've heard that some people hate this vuvuzela thing, so you've decided you hate it too. Because you're a pathetic wagon jumper. But did you stop to think about what your vuvuzela hatred was doing to the children?

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  • Meet Alphie. Alphie's face used to be filled with hope, joy, and the promise of youth. Until you tried to confiscate his vuvuzela.

  • You know who this is, don't you? Yup, it's the kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You know, the annoying German one. Herz or Bijorn or something. Even he loves the vuvuzela (although probably less than chocolate and an oracle octopus)

  • Do you know where these kids are from? Paraguay. Do you honestly feel as though you know enough about Paraguay to take away these kids' right to use a vuvuzela?

  • This isn't even a real kid. This is the image your reproductive organs have projected onto the screen to make you reconsider your vuvuzela hate.

  • Look at how happy this vuvuzela-blowing Japanese kid is! When was the last time you saw a happy Japanese child? Don't take the joy away, you hater.

  • Okay, I'm siding with the haters on this one. This English kid just makes the vuvuzela look pompous.

  • If you can look at this photo and still want to take away their team spirit, then you may not have a soul

  • Sometimes I forget Uruguay is even a country. If I had a vuvuzela from Uruguay I would never forget.

  • ZOMG BABY LION! That's right, a 10-week-old lion club has a place in his heart for the vuvuzela. A place that you'd like to see filled with hate and poor sportsmanship.

  • This Nigerian boy's vuvuzela is almost larger than he is. Little children! With large objects! That is what the Internet is built on, people!

  • I'll leave you with this image. Adorable vuvuzela boy behind a fence. The next time you start to tweet about your vuvuzela hate, I want you to think about this boy. Think about what his vuvuzela means to him. And then ask yourself, could you live with yourself if you had a role in taking the vuvuzela away?


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